Registering for Honors Carolina Courses

Honors Carolina students receive priority registration and can register online for Honors courses before they are available to other eligible students. Students are encouraged to review the registration preparation information below and contact the Honors Carolina office for assistance with registration issues.

Honors Carolina Courses

Honors Carolina courses are rigorous and challenging. Led by some of Carolina’s most distinguished faculty, these courses rely on research and hands-on learning to explore academic subjects in depth.

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Honors Carolina First Year Seminars

Honors Carolina offers more than a dozen seminars specifically designed for first year students. All first year students must enroll in one Honors First Year Seminar. Students who do not complete this requirement during the Fall semester will receive priority registration for Honors First Year Seminars in the Spring.

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Honors Carolina Course Equivalents:
Additional Opportunities to Gain Honors Credit

Honors Carolina offers several alternative ways to earn course credit toward their graduation requirements:

  • Honors Study Abroad Programs
  • Burch Field Research Seminars
  • Dunlevie Honors Colloquia
  • Honors Contract
  • Faculty-Mentored Research
  • Honors Carolina Fellowships
  • Graduate-Level Coursework
  • Non-Honors Study Abroad Programs

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Preparing for Honors Course Registration

  • Check for “negative service indicators” (or “holds”) in the ConnectCarolina Student Center.
    • These must be removed before you are able to register. Click on the service indicator and read the description to identify where to go to have it removed.
    • Academic advising “holds” may be placed by either the Academic Advising Program (Steele Building) or by your primary major department.
    • REMEMBER: Parking tickets will result in holds and need to be paid/cleared before you can register.
  • First year students are strongly encouraged to meet with an academic advisor prior to April 1st.
  • Second, third and fourth year students should check to see whether they are required to meet with a faculty member in their major department.
    • If the answer is “yes”, the department has placed a “hold” on your registration. Please check your service indicators to find out whether your primary major requires a departmental advising meeting. Contact your major department for information on scheduling. Steele Building and Hardin Hub advisors cannot lift holds placed by major departments.
    • Students are also encouraged to meet with an academic advisor in Steele Building or Hardin at least once a year.  Students may see their academic advisor’s name in the Student Center in ConnectCarolina.  If you do not see an advisor’s name, or if your advisor is not available, you may schedule with any advisor who serves your major.
  • Check your registration appointment date/time in your ConnectCarolina Student Center.
  • Review the Spring 2019 Honors Carolina course descriptions (see above)
  • The honors priority registration period runs through 6:00 a.m., Monday, November 19. During this time…
    • Only members of Honors Carolina may register for honors courses
    • Students will register online for no more than two honors courses. Students who register for more will have all honors courses dropped.
    • Honors courses which require instructor or departmental consent should include a registration note in ConnectCarolina explaining how to obtain the necessary permission.
  • Beginning at 8:00 a.m. on November 19…
    • Online registration for honors courses will be suspended; registration will remain open for honors courses that still have seats available.
    • Students may submit an Honors Carolina Course Wait List Request form to be added to the wait list.
    • The honors wait list option closes at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 2. Wait lists will be purged on Friday, January 4.
    • Please note: Students may submit no more than two Honors Carolina course wait list requests per semester.
    • All eligible students will be able to wait list honors courses, though Honors Carolina students receive priority placement.

Spring 2019 Registration

Members of Honors Carolina receive priority registration for honors classes—and will be able to register for those classes when their enrollment period begins in November. On November 19, online enrollment will be suspended for courses that have filled and all students will be required to submit a wait list request to indicate their interest in the course (courses with open seats remaining will not have online enrollment suspended). Wait list requests for full courses may be submitted between Nomeber 19 and January 2. Members of Honors Carolina are given wait list priority.


Honors Carolina courses have an average of 22 students. 

Access to Honors Carolina Courses

If space is available, students with a 3.0 GPA may enroll in Honors Carolina courses during the regular registration period.

More than 200 students each year are introduced to Honors Carolina this way.