Dunlevie Honors Colloquium

Honors Carolina students meet on weekday evenings each semester to discuss a broad interdisciplinary topic of their own choosing.

The sessions begin with a social gathering, followed by a presentation from a distinguished faculty scholar who shares ideas, discoveries, and challenges related to the topic at hand. The presentation is followed by small student-led discussion groups.

People on the Move: Global Migration from the American South to the Middle East

HNRS 325.001 | Wednesdays

This seminar examines the pressing migration trends across the world and urges students to question where and why migration is happening. There are 191 million migrants and 21 million refugees across the world. What combination of political and economic factors are driving people to undertake dangerous journeys in pursuit of better lives? While migration is relevant to almost every academic discipline, there are few “migration” scholars. This course will attempt to create a space for discussing the topic through the lens of many disciplines including law, economics, history, public policy, and global politics.

January 13: Orientation

January 20: Niklaus Steiner, Global Studies

January 27: Claude Clegg, African and African American Diaspora

February 3: Suzanne Shanahan, Duke University, Kenan Institute

February 10: Michelle King, History

March 2: John Pickles, Geography

March 9: Sarah Shields, History

April 6: Hannah Gill, Institute for the Study of the Americas

April 13: Peter Coclanis, History

April 20: Deborah Weissman, UNC School of Law