Summer 2017 Courses

Maymester Courses


ENEC 306H/BUSI 490H | Business and the Environment

M-F, 11:30-2:45. Instructor: Carol Hee. Enrollment=25.

Introduction to the methods for selecting management practices in business and industry in ways that optimize environmental quality and economic prosperity.


HNRS 353 | Silicon Revolution

M-F, 9:00-12:15. Instructor: Jim Leloudis. Enrollment=15.

Silicon Valley is celebrated as a global capital of high-tech innovation and transformative economic development. Business leaders and politicians in other regions have attempted to reproduce that accomplishment, almost always with limited success. Why has the task been so difficult? What magic combination of institutions, public policy, people, and geography transformed the lettuce fields of Santa Clara County into the epicenter of a new knowledge economy? And what lessons can Silicon Valley teach us about the roles that government, universities, and private capital might play in inventing the future? These are the questions this course sets out to explore. We’ll use the first week of class to immerse ourselves in the history of Silicon Valley.  Then we’ll spend a week in San Francisco and Palo Alto, where we’ll visit with UNC alumni working in small start-ups, technology giants such as Google and Cisco, and a number of venture capital and private equity firms. When we return to Chapel Hill, we’ll use our last week to take the measure of what we’ve learned and to connect lessons from Silicon Valley to the challenges of economic development in North Carolina. Students enrolled in this course will pay a program fee of $1,275 directly to Honors Carolina. The fee will cover the cost of airport transfers, lodging at the Cardinal Hotel in downtown Palo Alto, and evening meals. It will not cover airfare, the cost of other meals, or incidental personal expenses. Enrollment is by permission of the instructor. Students should click here to provide a brief statement of interest.