Honors Student Executive Board

The Honors Student Executive Board (HSEB) is a student-run programming and advisory board for Honors Carolina. The board is composed of an executive council with two Co-Presidents and three Vice-Presidents, overseeing the three pillars of the HSEB: CommunityScholarship, and Beyond Carolina.


Co-Presidents: Diana Dayal and Rangoli Bhattacharjee

oldwellDiana Dayal_The Co-Presidents of the HSEB formulate strategic plans with the committee chairs and meet biweekly with the Deans of Honors Carolina to improve communication across teams, coordinate all-board events, and assist in new project implementation throughout the year.



Vice-President: Neha VermaNeha Verma

An essential pillar to Honors Carolina is Community between students, faculty, and the university as a whole. Our mission is to foster that between students and connect them to each other and the greater campus through Honors Fall Fest, the Honors Ambassadors program, and public service events, including Habitat for Humanity, the Carnivore Preservation Trust, Battle Park, the North Carolina Therapeutic Riding Center, and the Ronald McDonald House, among other organizations.


Learn more about Honors Ambassadors, a part of the Honors Student Executive Board, here.



Vice-President: Sarah Chao

Sarah ChaoScholarship seeks to foster the intellectual curiosity of Honors Carolina students both in and out of the classroom. We strive to meet the academic needs of students through an open dialogue with Honors Carolina Deans, frequent assessment of curriculum structure through semesterly surveying, and unique guest speakers from various fields. We work to encourage thoughtful collaboration between professors and students at Food for Thought events and by making research opportunities readily available to Honors Carolina students.


Beyond Carolina

Vice Presidents: Catherina Leipold and Cari Jeffries

Cari Jeffries(1)Catherina Leipold(1)Following our commitment to “Come Here, Go Anywhere,” Beyond Carolina seeks to help current Honors students develop and prosper in their future academic and career goals – be it graduate school, entrepreneurship, medical school, independent research, the corporate world, and much more! We work to inform, encourage, and guide potential students through a variety of talks, seminars, and skills workshops, aiming to help students navigate the professional world after graduation. Furthermore, we strive to maintain strong ties with alumni. Hoping to cultivate a broad alumni network, we organize career luncheons and graduate school advice sessions year-round for current students.