The Mitchell Scholarships

The George J. Mitchell Scholarships are named in honor of former U.S. Senator George J. Mitchell for his pivotal contribution to the Northern Ireland peace process. These scholarships allow approximately 12 American post-graduates annually to pursue one year of study at institutions of higher learning in Ireland and Northern Ireland. There are no restrictions concerning academic field of study. Mitchell Scholars demonstrate significant achievement in academic excellence, leadership, and commitment to community and public service.

Visit the official Mitchell Scholarship website here.

2014-2015 Application Information for UNC-CH Applicants


  1. Be a U.S. citizen.
  2. Be either currently enrolled as a senior at UNC-CH or an alumnus of UNC-CH.
  3. Earn a bachelor’s degree before beginning study as a Mitchell Scholar.
  4. Be between 18 and 29 years old by September 30 in the year of application.
  5. Possess a competitive GPA. There is no minimum GPA; most competitive applicants for Mitchell endorsement have a GPA of 3.800 or higher.
  6. Receive UNC-CH’s endorsement through the Office of Distinguished Scholarships (ODS) unless you are a graduate student, part-time student, or former student. UNC-CH applicants may apply for the University’s endorsement through the below application process.

Recommended Steps

  1. Attend an ODS information session to learn more about the Mitchell Scholarship application process.
  2. Highly recommended: Thoroughly investigate both the degree programs at participating institutions and the scholarship-specific FAQs.
  3. Highly recommended: Attend the ODS Prep-Shop (please, do not bring any portions and drafts of statements).
  4. Highly recommended: Meet with the director of ODS to discuss your application and submit a resume, CV, or list of principal activities to ODS before the end of the spring semester. Applicants will receive advice to consider over the summer as they prepare for the endorsement deadline.

2014-2015 Deadlines and Dates

UNC-CH Mitchell Endorsement Application Deadline: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 5PM ET

UNC-CH Mitchell Endorsement Interviews: Late August 2014

Mitchell Scholarships Final Deadline: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 5PM ET

Mitchell Applicant Video Interview Deadline: Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 5PM ET

Mitchell Semi-Finalist Skype Interviews: Late October 2014

Notification of Mitchell Finalist Status: November 2014

Mitchell Finalist Interviews: Friday and Saturday, November 21 and 22, 2014

Mitchell Selection Announcement: Sunday, November 23, 2014

UNC-CH Application for Endorsement

NOTES: Mitchell endorsement applicants may also apply for other scholarship endorsements simultaneously, including the Rhodes and Marshall. Please be sure to note the differences in personal statement guidelines and other endorsement application instructions. Each application should have an application cover page and waiver. You may include more than one application in one envelope, as long as applications are separated with paper clips or folders. Please note that duplicate transcripts for multiple endorsement applications typically do not need to be submitted at the endorsement application stage unless a new semester has begun since your last endorsement application. Duplicate photo submissions for multiple endorsement applications are also unnecessary.

Please contact ODS immediately with questions or to schedule an appointment, especially if you are considering multiple scholarship endorsements.

Endorsement Application Instructions

All of the items below must be received by ODS on or before the UNC-CH Endorsement Application Deadline. Letters of recommendation may be submitted by email as noted below. All other materials should be submitted as hard copies. These hard copies must be single-sided; typed in black ink; paper-clipped WITHOUT staples; clearly labeled with the applicant’s name; AND should be submitted in a labeled, sealed, and signed envelope.

Submit all hard copy application materials to ODS to the below location:

Office of Distinguished Scholarships
RE: UNC-CH Endorsement Application
Campus Box #3510, 225 Graham Memorial
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3510


1. Email Your Intent to Apply

Please notify ODS at with your intent to apply.

  • Please review this page to receive ODS’ general advice and tips for applications.

2. ODS Application Cover

The ODS application cover includes a demographic and waiver form. Please view a sample form here. After you have viewed this sample, please fill out the blank form available from ODS. Do not alter the layout of the form.

3. List of Principal Activities, Resume, or CV

This resume, CV, or list of principal activities in college should include prizes, scholarships, honors, offices held, community service, athletic accomplishments, and extracurricular activities. This document should not exceed three pages, and does NOT replace the Awards & Activities section of the Mitchell application. Email ODS if you are an applicant who would like to receive feedback or view sample documents. Please note that we currently cannot email the sample documents.

4. Mitchell Scholarship Application

Print out your completed online application, or copy and paste it into a Word document and print it out. A sample 2014 Mitchell application can be viewed here, and the online application is available here.

a. Applicants may and should save their answers online, but they should NOT submit their application online when they are applying for UNC-CH endorsement. More information about the application itself can be found here and the Mitchell Scholarship website provides relevant resources here.

b. A recent passport-style photograph of the applicant should be included with endorsement application materials. This may be submitted as either a hard-copy print-out or emailed to as a PDF file. Please label the photograph so that your full name is either printed in black ink on the back of the photograph or included as part of the file name. Applicants who receive endorsement will need to submit this passport-style photograph as a PDF file. Please contact ODS if you require assistance.

5. Personal Statement

a. IMPORTANT: Please review the required attestation clause for the personal statement before you draft your personal statement. The clause can be found on page 7 in the attached sample 2014 Mitchell application. Failure to comply with this rule at any stage of the application cycle will result in disqualification.
b. Updated July 15, 2014: Please contact Professor Floyd-Wilson immediately about the personal statement writing process if you are applying for both the Marshall and the Mitchell Scholarships.
Your personal statement should not exceed 1000 words. It should incorporate your personality, interests, experiences, goals; your reasons for wanting to be a Mitchell Scholar; and your plan for advancing your personal objectives through study on the island of Ireland. Email ODS if you are an applicant who would like to view sample statements. Please note that we currently cannot email these sample statements.

6. Letters of Recommendation

a. Three to four recommendations should be submitted for your endorsement application. Each letter must not exceed 750 words. We recommend you first read this letter of guidance and then share it with your letter of recommendation writers. Please contact ODS if you need advice on choosing and contacting a recommender.

i. It is helpful to provide context by sharing these endorsement application requirements; your resume, CV, or list of principal activities; and your specific academic and professional interests and goals.

ii. At least two of these recommendations must be from persons with whom you have done academic work. It is preferable to choose a professor instead of a teaching assistant.

iii. Your endorsement application may also include up to two character reference recommendation letters. Be sure to ask someone who knows you well and can give specific comments on your character and potential for success outside of your scholarly work and interests.

b. Applicants should NOT be given access to their letters of recommendation.

c. Applicants who receive UNC-CH’s endorsement will need to collect up to one additional recommendation letter to apply online to the Mitchell Scholarship, for a total of four letters.

d. Letters should be addressed to “The Mitchell Scholarship Selection Committee.” Recommenders who have questions should contact ODS here.

e. Recommendation letters for the endorsement application stage may be sent directly to ODS by email. Recommenders may email their letters to ODS as either MS Word documents or PDFs. If desired, recommenders may instead submit their letters directly to ODS by campus mail or standard postal mail at the above location. Each recommender must submit his or her letter directly to ODS so that it is received by the UNC-CH Endorsement Application Deadline.

f. If an applicant receives UNC-CH’s endorsement, recommenders will receive instructions to resubmit his or her letter online to the Mitchell Scholarship. Click here to read recommendation FAQs from the Mitchell Scholarship.

7. University Transcripts

Submit an official cumulative transcript for each college or university attended. This transcript should reflect the final grades for the most recent term applicable.

a. Official UNC-CH transcripts for applicants can be delivered to ODS directly from the UNC-CH Office of the University Registrar. Please place your order at least two weeks in advance of the endorsement deadline, and click here to learn about transcript fee waivers.

b. As an alternative, applicants may submit an officially sealed transcript for each college or university attended directly to ODS when they submit their application for endorsement.

UNC-CH Endorsement Interviews and Endorsement

  • Endorsement Interviews: Based on the application for endorsement, competitive applicants will be invited to interview with the UNC-CH Mitchell Scholarship Selection Committee. Applicants unavailable for on-campus interviews must contact ODS one month prior to discuss other available interview options.
  • Application Revisions: Applicants endorsed  by the UNC-CH Mitchell Scholarship Selection Committee will be notified soon after their interviews. Endorsed applicants will have approximately five weeks to incorporate permissible feedback from ODS and the UNC-CH Mitchell Scholarship Selection Committee, make revisions, and update their application materials.
  • Online Submission: The Mitchell Scholarship application is online and may request information that differs from your endorsement application.
    1. All application material must be submitted online to the Mitchell Scholarship no later than the final deadline. The applicant is responsible for submitting all materials online except the letters of recommendation. Transcripts, a photograph, and your signature must also be uploaded online as PDF documents. Applicants should notify ODS with an email if they need assistance in scanning or formatting required documents.
    2. Letters of recommendations must be submitted online by the recommender before the Mitchell Scholarship deadline. Those who encounter difficulties should contact ODS here.
    3. Endorsed UNC-CH applicants will provide to ODS a copy of the final application materials they personally submitted.
  • Applicant Video Interviews: All applicants must submit a video interview online 48 hours after the Mitchell Scholarship’s final deadline.

Finalist and Selection Process

  • Semi-Finalist Skype Interviews: Applicants are notified directly in October of invitations to interview the last week October via Skype.
  • Finalist Notification: Semi-Finalists are notified directly between early and mid-November of invitations to interview during Finalist Weekend. If you receive a finalist interview invitation for both the Mitchell and the Rhodes Scholarships, you may only accept one of those invitations. ODS will organize practice interviews prior to the finalist interviews.
  • Finalist Reception and Interviews: Finalist Weekend is in Washington, D. C. and includes a reception and individual interviews held by the Mitchell Scholarship’s selection committee. Finalist Weekend is usually the Friday and Saturday before Thanksgiving.
  • Selection Announcement: Finalists are notified soon after their finalist interviews if they have been selected as a Mitchell Scholar.

ODS Contact Information

Please contact ODS here for questions and to schedule an appointment.

2014-2015 Deadlines and Dates

UNC-CH Endorsement Application Deadline

Tuesday, August 5, 2014 at 5PM ET

UNC-CH Endorsement Interviews

Late August 2014

Mitchell Scholarships Final Deadline

Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 5PM ET

Applicant Video Interview Deadline

Saturday, October 4, 2014 at 5PM ET

Semi-Finalist Skype Interviews

Late October 2014

Notification of Finalist Status

November 2014

Finalist Interviews

Friday and Saturday, November 21 and 22, 2014

Selection Announcement

Sunday, November 23, 2014


UNC-CH Endorsement Application Mailing Address

Office of Distinguished Scholarships
RE: UNC-CH Endorsement Application
Campus Box 3510, 225 Graham Memorial
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3510