Robinson Honors Fellowship Application


Note: The same application can be used to apply for the Burch Fellowship, Carolina Blue Honors Fellowship and Robinson Honors Fellowship.


Include a current personal resume of 1-2 pages. List work experience, campus and community activities, and honors and awards received in college.


Provide a short biographical statement (200-350 words) about yourself, your interests, and the general project you would like to pursue. See the current Robinson Honors Fellows web page for examples.

Fellowship Experience Proposal

Fellows should design an internship experience of no less than 6 weeks. A fellowship proposal (1,200 word limit) should address the following:

  • A detailed description of your project that explains what, where, when, how long, with whom, and why. Include any relevant background information that will help the committee understand your project.
  • A description of relevant experience you have had that has prepared you for the project you are proposing (i.e. language skills, research experience, work experience, etc.)
  • The goals you have set for yourself and how you plan to accomplish them
  • The significance of your project to the local community
  • How you will address potential language barriers or other challenges
  • How you plan to use the knowledge and skills you gain during your fellowship experience in the future

All applicants need to identify a faculty advisor for the fellowship. This should be someone who has seen your proposal and worked with you to advise on proposal content, logistics, and/or questions you should be asking with your project.


Using an Excel spreadsheet, provide specific details regarding all expenses connected with your proposed fellowship experience. Wherever possible, these should be actual, rather than estimated, expenses. Include both the sources and calculations of the individual line items in your budget. Include program costs (if applicable), entry fees, visas, transportation, meals, lodging, and mandatory health insurance at $1.50 per day. The stipend is $6,000, so any budgeted cost above that amount will not be funded by the fellowship.

The Robinson Fellowship does not cover the cost of existing programs unless they are a supplemental component of your project (i.e., a language course). As a general rule, durable goods that can be used beyond the time of the fellowship are not allowable expenses. Cameras and other equipment that is necessary for your project can be rented from the Media Resources Center in the Undergraduate Library. Check with their staff as you are planning your budget.


Provide a high-resolution head shot photograph (.jpg or .jpeg file) for promotional purposes. It does not need to be professionally taken.

Unofficial UNC Transcript

Provide a copy of your current unofficial UNC transcript, including your last semester’s grades. Click here for information on how to obtain your transcript online.

Letters of Recommendation

Provide the name of two people you would like to recommend you, including at least one UNC professor, using this form. We encourage you to share your personal statement/proposal and resume with individuals who are in a position to: (a) assess the talent/promise you cite as the basis for your consideration as a Robinson Fellow, and (b) comment on the likely benefit and feasibility of the fellowship experience you propose.

Timing: Please provide this information at least two weeks prior to the application deadline so these individuals have adequate time to complete the recommendation.

Letter of Recommendation Form


Letter of Support

If your proposed experience requires obtaining special permission from companies, archives, government agencies, faculty members, or other individuals/organizations, you must submit at least one letter of support or authorization with your application. This letter can either be uploaded by you with your other application materials or emailed by the letter writer to Applicants should contact such these organizations or individuals as early as possible and at least two weeks prior to the deadline. We recommend that you share your personal statement/proposal and resume with these organizations or individuals.


All application materials – including letters of reference and support – are due before March 1, 2018. Please have all of your documents ready to submit before beginning the online application.

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