Past Weir Fellows

Brooke Fisher

Class of 2019 p_circle_weir_fisher
Hometown: Weaverville, NC
Major: Journalism and Global Studies with a minor in Chinese

Brooke Fisher is excited to be studying in China for seven months and to return to the place of her birth. She is interested in learning about the media outlets in China and how they have changed over the years. Brooke hopes to learn through a journalism internship how China’s rich culture blends with today’s technology. She also looks forward to expanding her knowledge of the Chinese language, history and culture.

Lee Mook p_circle_weir_mook

Class of 2019
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Major: Business and Chinese

Lee Mook is passionate about sustainable energy, education and foreign languages. As one of UNC’s Campus Y Global Gap Year Fellows, Mook had the opportunity to work and study abroad in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and China. His experience working abroad convinced him that he wanted to pursue a career in international development. His dream is to work among Chinese, American and Latin American businesses to promote international sustainable energy development. During his time in China, he hopes to gain a professional proficiency in Chinese, and looks forward to exploring the inner mechanisms of Chinese business culture and Chinese energy policy.

Quade Robinson  p_circle_weir_robinson

Class of 2018
Hometown: Midland, NC
Major: Interdisciplinary Studies and Asian Studies with a minor in Comparative Literature

Quade Robinson’s academic career shows his commitment to studying the language and culture of both China and Japan. He received the Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship to study Japanese abroad in 2015, and declared an interdisciplinary studies major on the topic of Modernist movements in Chinese and Japanese film and literature. With the Weir Fellowship’s support, Robinson hopes to flesh out his Mandarin knowledge and utilize his language skills with an internship involving translation or interpretation.