A Track Record of Success

Carolina students and alumni are frequently awarded prestigious and nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. Here is a sampling of their success:

Rhodes Scholarship

As the world’s oldest and most prestigious awards for graduate study, the Rhodes Scholarships send outstanding candidates from around the world to Oxford University. Carolina has 49 Rhodes Scholars, including 14 scholars since 2000.

Recent UNC Recipients: Sarah Bufkin ’13 (2014-15) and Rachel Myrick ’13 (2012-13)

Marshall Scholarship

Marshall Scholarships select candidates with the potential to shape our future society to study in the United Kingdom for 2-3 years. Carolina has 17 Marshall Scholars.

Recent UNC Recipient: James Williams ’16 (2015-16)

Mitchell Scholarship

Mitchell Scholarships introduce and connect generations of future American leaders to the island of Ireland while they pursue a one-year master’s degree in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Carolina has 5 Mitchell Scholars.

Recent UNC Recipients: Thomas Golden ’11 (2014-15), Sasha Seymore ’15 (2014-15) and Sarah Bufkin ’13 (2014-15)

Luce Scholars Program

Designed to enhance the understanding of Asia among future American leaders, the Luce Scholars Program fellowship provides a year of living and learning in Asia following graduation. Carolina has 37 Luce Scholars, more than any college or university in the nation.

Recent UNC Recipients: S. Jakelin Bonilla ’12 (2014-15), Joël Hage ’14 (2013-14), Will Leimenstoll ’13 (2012-13) and Henry Ross ’13 (2012-13)

Truman Scholarship

For those who want to make a difference in public service, the Truman Scholarship provides third year students with up to $30,000 in support for graduate studies. Carolina has 30 Truman Scholars, including 9 since 2000.

Recent UNC Recipient: Will Lindsey ’14 (2012-13)

Churchill Scholarship

A prestigious research-oriented scholarship worth nearly $50,000, the Churchill Scholarship is awarded to students and recent graduates in the sciences, engineering or mathematics who wish to complete a master’s degree at Churchill College in the University of Cambridge. Carolina has 16 Churchill Scholars, including 8 since 2000.

Recent UNC Recipients: Blake Hauser ’16 (2015-16) and Surge Biswas ’13 (2013-14)

Goldwater Scholarship

A distinguished award for second and third year students, the Goldwater Scholarship is targeted to students pursuing careers in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering. Carolina has 45 Goldwater Scholars, including 29 scholars since 2000.

Recent UNC Recipients: Scott Emmons (2016-17), Sarah Miller (2016-17), Chiara Pancaldo Salemi ’17 (2015-16), Larry Han ’16 (2014-15), Anya Katsevich ’17 (2014-15), Mary Kaitlyn Tsai ’16 (2014-15), and Matt Leming ’15 (2013-14)

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarships, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, are globally competitive awards that cover all of the costs for full-time graduate study and research in any subject available at the University of Cambridge. Carolina is home to 5 Gates Cambridge recipients.

Recent UNC Recipients: Larry Han ’16 (2015-16), Matt Leming ’15 (2015-16), Sarah Cooley ’15 (2014-15) and Casey Rimland (2013-14)