Churchill Application


Applicants must submit the items below to ODS before the UNC Endorsement Application Deadline in September.

All application materials – except for transcripts, photo, and letters of recommendation – should be incorporated into one PDF. Click here to submit materials.

Applying For UNC Endorsement

The deadline to apply for UNC’s endorsement for Churchill Scholarship is late September. Students should notify ODS as soon as possible of their intent to apply.

Applicants must complete an online application and provide the following materials:

Churchill Scholarship Endorsement Application

You should not submit the online Churchill application during the endorsement application stage. Instead, all applicants for endorsement must complete all required sections of the online Churchill application. You must answer each question to complete the endorsement application. This form should be saved and submitted as a PDF file before the September endorsement application deadline. Be sure that all your answers are fully visible. Applicants who receive endorsement will then receive instructions regarding the online Churchill application.

The application includes:

  • Research Statement: The research statement is a critical component of the Churchill Scholarship application and should illuminate for a broad scientific readership the applicant’s well-considered research proposal. Consult the Foundation’s application instructions for guidelines.
  • Personal Statement: The personal statement should share your unique qualities and intellectual passions. It should not repeat information from the “Proposed Program of Study” section of the application. See application instructions.
  • GRE Scores: Include an unofficial record of your GRE or MCAT scores within your endorsement application. Endorsed applicants will be asked to submit their GRE scores electronically and MCAT scores (if available) by mail or email and not within the online application. (For electronic submission of the GRE, the Institution Code List number for the Winston Churchill Foundation is 3922.) Scores on the GRE taken in the past two years are acceptable. The Foundation accepts MCAT scores in place of the GRE.


Provide a recent, high-resolution headshot or passport-sty photograph (.jpg or .jpeg file). Label the file so your full name is included as part of the file name.

University Transcripts

Submit an unofficial cumulative transcript for each college or university attended. This transcript should reflect the final grades for the most recent term applicable. (Click here to for help producing a PDF of your unofficial transcript. The PDF should include your full name in the file name.) If you receive endorsement, you must order an official and sealed paper transcript(s).

  • As an alternative, applicants may bring to ODS before the endorsement application deadline an officially sealed paper transcript for each college or university attended.
  • If you have already submitted an unofficial or official transcript(s) to ODS for another endorsement and the transcript(s) is still current, you do not need to submit another transcript(s) during the endorsement application stage. Instead, provide a typed note with your PID, name, the number of transcripts that should be included with your endorsement application, and the date when you submitted the transcript(s) to ODS.

University of Cambridge Application

Churchill Scholarship applicants must apply independently to the University of Cambridge by mid-October. The Churchill Scholarship application provides instructions regarding the University of Cambridge application. Visit the University of Cambridge Graduate Admissions website for requirements and details.

Letters of Recommendation

Three to four recommendation letters should be submitted with your endorsement application.

  • Please read this letter of guidance and share it with individuals you ask to write a letter of recommendation. Contact ODS if you need advice on choosing and contacting a recommender.
  • It is helpful to provide context by sharing these endorsement application requirements, your resume, CV, or list of principal activities, and your specific academic and professional interests and goals.
  • Be mindful of the time it takes recommenders to write strong, effective letters. Do not ask for more letters than you will need. Stay in contact with your recommenders through relevant deadlines so that both you and your recommenders can respond accordingly.
  • Recommendation letters should come from science, engineering, and/or mathematics professors who are familiar with your academic ability and are able to discuss your promise as a Churchill Scholarship candidate. (It is preferable to choose a professor instead of a teaching assistant).
  • Applicants are advised to pre-fill this form provided by the Churchill Foundation before sharing it with recommenders. Each recommender must include the first page of this completed form as the first page of the PDF containing their letter of recommendation.
  • Include a list of the names and email addresses of your recommenders in your endorsement application.

Recommendation letters should be addressed to “The Churchill Scholarship Selection Committee” and do not need to include a physical address for ODS or the award organization. Letters should be submitted directly to ODS before the Endorsement Application Deadline by clicking here. Applicants should provide this link (along with your PID) to recommenders for submitting their letter. Recommenders may format their letters as PDF documents and should include the award name (“Churchill”) and the applicant’s last name in the file name. Applicants should not be given access to their letters of recommendation.

Recommenders who have questions should contact ODS directly.

Note: Applicants who receive UNC’s endorsement will need to collect up to one additional recommendation letter (for a total of four letters) to apply for the Churchill Scholarship.


After reviewing the applications for endorsement, the UNC Churchill Scholarship Selection Committee will select competitive applicants in October.


Application Revisions

Applicants endorsed by the UNC Churchill Scholarship Selection Committee will have approximately four weeks to make revisions and update their application materials based on feedback from ODS and Dr. West.

Final Submission

Endorsed applicants must provide ODS with an electronic copy of their final application materials and a hard copy of their official transcript(s) no fewer than three business days before the Foundation deadline so that these materials will received in time by the Winston Churchill Foundation.

Finalist Notification

Applicants will be notified in January if they have been selected by the Winston Churchill Foundation as a Finalist.

Finalist Interviews

Finalists are interviewed approximately one week after notification by the Foundation’s Executive Director.

Selection Announcement

Finalists are notified soon after, and sometimes during, their finalist interviews if they have been selected as a Churchill Scholar.