Marshall Application


Applicants must submit the items below to ODS before the UNC Endorsement Application Deadline in early August.

All application materials – except for transcripts, photo, and letters of recommendation – should be incorporated into one PDF. You may access the submission link here.

Applying for UNC Endorsement

The deadline to apply for UNC’s endorsement for the Marshall Scholarships is August 1, 2017. Applicants should notify ODS as soon as possible of their intent to apply.

Applicants must complete an online application and provide the following materials:

Marshall Scholarships Endorsement Application Form

You should not submit the online Marshall application during the endorsement application stage. Instead, all applicants for endorsement must complete the 2017-18 ODS endorsement application form.. You must answer each question (unless noted) to complete your endorsement application. This form should be saved and submitted as a PDF file before the August endorsement application deadline. Applicants who receive endorsement will then receive instructions regarding the online Marshall application.

The endorsement application form includes a personal statement (1,000 words max) and four essays (500 word max). These essays ask about your proposed academic program, ambassadorial potential, leadership, and your post-Marshall Scholarship plans. You may receive feedback on your statement and essays but you may not incorporate the revised prose into a Rhodes Scholarships or a Mitchell Scholarship personal statement. Email ODS if you would like to receive feedback or view sample personal statements. (Sample statements cannot be sent via email.)

  • Personal Statement (1,000 Words Limit): Describe your intellectual development and other interests and pursuits.
  • Proposed Academic Program (500 Words Limit): Describe your proposed academic program, explaining the reasons for your choice and preferred university. Those hoping to read for a research degree should provide an outline proposal of the research you wish to undertake.
  • Ambassadorial Potential (500 Words Limit): Describe what “the USA-UK special relationship” means. Explain how you might strengthen ties between the USA and the UK in your field of study and through your extra-curricular activities, whilst in the UK and upon their return to the US.
  • Leadership (500 Words Limit): Describe a situation in which you recognized and responded to a need for leadership.
  • Post Scholarship Plans (500 Words Limit): applicants should describe their immediate plans upon completion of their Marshall Scholarship and why two years spent undertaking a degree in the UK would enhance these plans. As well as describing plans for employment or further study, applicants should indicate how they would develop ongoing connections with the UK, through their UK institution or some other contacts they propose to make while in the UK.

Note: The ODS Marshall endorsement application form will contain additional required questions regarding your previous paid and unpaid employment, honors and awards, publications, and your personal interest and non-academic activities.


Provide a recent, high-resolution headshot or passport-style photograph (.jpg or .jpeg file). Label the file so your full name is included as part of the file name.

Resume / CV / List of Principal Activities

Provide a resume, CV or list of principal college activities (not to exceed three pages), including in prizes, scholarships, honors, offices held, community service, athletic accomplishments, and extracurricular activities. This does not replace any portion of the Marshall endorsement application form. Email ODS if you would like to view sample documents or receive feedback on your list. (Sample documents cannot be sent via email.)

Letters of Recommendation

Three to four recommendation letters should be submitted with your endorsement application. The online Marshall application states the following regarding letters of recommendation required of endorsed applicants:

Your recommendation writers should be able to supplement your application by providing further details as to your qualifications. The first of these should be designated the Preferred Recommender and this recommender should have supervised your college or university training. At least two recommendations must be provided by academics. One of the recommendations may primarily address your leadership and ambassadorial potential, and this need not be provided by an academic. At least three of up to four recommenders should be in the United States.”

  • Recommendation letters must not exceed 1,000 words. Please read this letter of guidance and share it with individuals you ask to write a letter of recommendation. Contact ODS if you need advice on choosing and contacting a recommender.
  • It is helpful to provide context by sharing these endorsement application requirements, your personal statement and essays, your resume, CV, or list of principal activities, and your specific academic and professional interests and goals.
  • Two of your recommendation letters should be from professors who can speak in detail about your scholarly work and potential. (It is preferable to choose a professor instead of a teaching assistant.)
  • One recommendation letter may be non-academic. Choose someone who knows you well and can give specific comments on your ambassadorial potential and your leadership potential for success outside of your scholarly work and/or research.

Recommendation letters should be addressed to “The Marshall Scholarships Selection Committee” and be submitted directly to ODS before the Endorsement Application Deadline. Applicants should provide this link to recommenders for submitting letter. Recommenders may format their letters as PDF documents. Applicants should not be given access to their letters of recommendation.

Recommenders who have questions should contact ODS directly.

Note: Applicants who receive UNC’s endorsement will need to collect up to one additional recommendation letter (for a total of four letters) to apply for the Marshall Scholarships.

University Transcripts

Submit a cumulative transcript for each college or university attended. This transcript should reflect the final grades for the most recent term applicable. Applicants may submit an unofficial or an official transcript at the endorsement application stage. If you receive endorsement, you must order an official and sealed paper transcript(s).

  • Official UNC transcripts for applicants can be delivered to ODS directly from the UNC Office of the University Registrar. Place your order at least two weeks in advance of the endorsement deadline. Click here to learn about transcript fee waivers and other FAQs.
  • As an alternative, applicants may bring to ODS before the endorsement application deadline an officially sealed paper transcript for each college or university attended.


After reviewing the applications for endorsement, the UNC Marshall Scholarships Selection Committee will invite competitive applicants to participate in an on-campus interview. Applicants who are unavailable for on-campus interviews must contact ODS prior to the endorsement application deadline to discuss other available interview options.


Applicants endorsed by the UNC Marshall Scholarships Selection Committee will be notified soon after their interviews.

Application Revisions

Endorsed applicants will have approximately five weeks to incorporate permissible feedback from ODS and the selection committee to revise and update their application materials.

Submitting The Final Application

  • The Marshall Scholarships application is online and may request information that differs from your endorsement application:
  • All application materials must be submitted online to the Marshall Scholarships before the final deadline. The applicant is responsible for submitting all materials online except the letters of recommendation. Transcripts will be mailed by ODS.
  • Letters of recommendations must be submitted online by the recommender before the Marshall Scholarships deadline. Those who encounter difficulties should contact ODS.
  • Endorsed applicants should provide a copy of the final application materials to ODS.

Finalist Notification

Applicants are notified in early November of invitations to interview as a finalist. ODS will organize practice interviews prior to the finalist interviews.

Finalist Reception and Interviews

Finalist interviews are held in eight different regions by the Marshall Scholarships selection committee in November. Optional finalist receptions may also be scheduled.

Selection Announcement

Finalists will be notified soon after their finalist interviews if they have been selected as a Marshall Scholar.