Career & Professional Development Coaches

It’s never too early to start preparing for your future. Honors Carolina has dedicated Career & Professional Development Coaches who begin working with students on career and professional development opportunities during their first year. Get a leg up by learning how to market your skills and obtain relevant experience that will position you for success.

The Honors Carolina Four-Year Plan

Honors Carolina encourages students to work with a Career & Professional Development Coach to develop individualized four-year plans that offer specific recommendations to follow throughout their college careers. The plan initially focuses on exploring new interests and connecting with distinguished faculty and alumni, followed by opportunities to gain practical experience and sharpen professional development skills, such as resume writing and interviewing. Learn more.

Meet a Career and Professional Development Coach

Honors Carolina provides a team of coaches to provide guidance to students as they explore academic and career goals, and help them identify learning opportunities, in and outside of the classroom, that will prepare them for employment or post-graduate study.

You can schedule an appointment with a coach through the Go Anywhere Platform.