Burch Advisory Board

The Burch Advisory Board reviews applications from faculty to establish Burch Field Research Seminars, selects students to participate in the Burch Fellows program, and advises the Director of Burch Programs on matters pertaining to these programs.

The board includes nine faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences appointed by the Associate Dean for Honors to staggered, three-year terms. Appointed faculty may serve no more than two consecutive terms. The Associate Dean for Honors and the Associate Dean for Study Abroad in the College of Arts and Sciences serve on the Board ex officio.

The chair is selected each year by the Associate Dean for Honors.

Burch Advisory Board Members (2015-16)

Chair: Vin Steponaitis (Term ends 2017)
Director, Research Laboratories of Archaeology
Chair, Curriculum in Archaeology
Professor, Department of Anthropology

Melissa Bullard (2017)
Professor, Department of History

Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld (2018)
Professor and Chair, Department of Anthropology

Marcie Ferris (2018)
Professor, Department of American Studies

Julie Fishell (2018)
Professor, Department of Dramatic Art

Greg Gangi (2016)
Associate Director for Education, Institute for the Environment
Clinical Assistant Professor, Institute for the Environment
Senior Lecturer, Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology

Bob Jenkins (2018)
Senior Lecturer, Department of Political Science and Director of Graduate Studies, REEES Concentration

Sarah Shields (2016)
Professor, Department of History

Todd Taylor (2017)
Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literature

James Leloudis (ex officio)
Professor, Department of History
Associate Dean, Honors Carolina
Director, James M. Johnston Center for Undergraduate Excellence

Robert Miles (ex officio)
Associate Dean, Study Abroad and International Exchanges