Current Weir Fellows

Tanisha Paul

Class of 2022
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Major: Business Administration and Global Studies

Tanisha began studying Mandarin when she was six years old, and it has always been her favorite subject. She has persistently pursued her interest in the Chinese culture and language by studying in Nanjing in high school, conducting research on China’s energy security, and teaching a Chinese Language and Culture Seminar at the North Carolina School of Science and Math. Through the Weir Fellowship, she hopes to gain a professional and native level of fluency where she can negotiate business deals in China. In the future, Tanisha hopes to significantly enhance the United States’ political and economic relationship with China.

Gabrielle Rousey

Class of 2022
Hometown: Atkinson, NC
Major: Economics

Gabrielle is passionate about studying behavioral economics and learning what factors and thought processes contribute the most during decision-making. With an understanding that language is the heart of any culture, Gabrielle seeks to improve her Chinese fluency so that she can experience Chinese culture more authentically by personally connecting with others. Through the Weir Fellowship, Gabrielle hopes to attain a fluency that allows her to work in the field of consumer research where she can study how China’s unique economic, cultural, and political climate affects the consumption of foreign goods.

Ray Shealy

Class of 2022
Hometown: Cornelius, NC
Major: Computer Science and Chinese

Ray has studied Chinese for 5 years and enjoys the rigor and discipline of the language. He loves practicing writing and speaking Chinese with his peers at UNC and creating connections with people of similar interests. His other academic interests include computer science, math, and business. Since arriving at UNC, Ray has explored many subjects but his love for Chinese stays constant. The Weir Fellowship will allow Ray to understand Chinese culture through language and think differently about the world. He plans to use his knowledge of Chinese and apply it to his field of computer science, developing a connection between the United States and China.