Students earn 15 hours of UNC graded credit through the following four courses:

ECON 325H: Entrepreneurship: Principles, Concepts, Frameworks and Fluency

(3 credit hours, satisfies Shuford Minor Econ 325 requirement)

Instructor: Jed Simmons

Econ 325H is a two-week condensed version of the semester-long ECON 325.  325H will provide students a foundation in several key Entrepreneurship principles, concepts and frameworks.  The course is designed to become comfortable with important literacy and fluency around launching and building a business including understanding your customer and consumers, strategies for competing and growing, design thinking, building your brand, and funding a product and company and managing your finances.

Students will live in downtown Durham and be based at the American Tobacco Campus.  The class will include case discussion, projects and teamwork, guests, company visits and out of class experiences including American Underground, the new Durham WeWork, local start-ups and venues and food treats such as Luna’s and The Parlour Ice Cream.


(3 credit hours, satisfies Minor ECON 327 track requirement)

Instructor: On-site faculty

This class will look at some of the great industries that define NYC and how entrepreneurship and innovation lives inside big and small – startups and industry giants.   Through cases, lectures, company and site visits, the students over a semester learn about what makes New York tick! The venturing workshop will take advantage of the resources of the New York to give students a unique combination of experiential learning opportunities. The content of the course will include at least seven site visits to innovative companies or enterprises and a series of speakers, all of whom will bring real-world expertise to the classroom.

HNRS 350: The New York Experience

(3 credit hours)

Instructor: On-site faculty

Students will study design thinking and understand the ingredients that made New York a center for innovation.

HNRS 393: Practicum in Entrepreneurship (Internship) | (6 credit hours, satisfies Minor Internship and Practicum requirements)

Instructor: Jed Simmons

The internship is central to the curriculum of the Minor in Entrepreneurship. Students in the Burch seminar will work in their internships 30 hours per week for 12 weeks. Local coaches will assist students in networking and maximizing their internships.