Churchill: UNC Endorsement Application


Three separate forms must be submitted prior to the endorsement deadline in order to complete your application. These include:

  • Personal Information form
  • Upload Application form
  • Submit Recommenders form

We have separated the forms so that you may complete the steps at different times. These forms cannot be saved and must be completed in one sitting.

Personal Information Form

This form allows you to provide information about you, your education, and your future plans to ODS and the Churchill Selection Committee. You may complete this form prior to submitting your other application materials.

Personal Information Form

Online Application Form

Create an account for the Churchill Scholarship online application. Complete the Application Form, including Personal Information, Education, Experience, and Dissemination. After saving this portion, click Download Submission to create a PDF.

Do not submit you Churchill Scholarship online application. You will not be permitted to make changes once you do so.

Proposed Program of Study – 1 page

Detailed instructions for this prompt can be found on the Churchill Scholarship online application. Your task here is to make your own case for the program you are choosing, based upon your previous research and study. Describe what you wish to investigate and what you wish to accomplish in the context of that laboratory.

Contact ODS if you wish to receive feedback prior to the endorsement deadline.

Personal Statement – 2 pages

Detailed instructions for this prompt can be found on the Churchill Scholarship online application. This Statement can be an intellectual autobiography in which you describe the development of your academic interests, someone whose work inspired you, or some other critical aspect of your work in the sciences, mathematics, or engineering. While the Personal Statement is primarily about your academic trajectory, you should feel free to discuss other work and activities that provide a fuller picture of who you are and who you want to be.

This statement should be you own personal work, but you may seek editorial advice from ODS, recommenders, or professors.


Although the scholarship does not require a current resume, your Cambridge application most likely does. Your resume will help ODS contextualize the rest of your application. Email ODS if you would like to receive feedback. Samples are available to view in the ODS office.

University Transcripts

Provide a copy of your current unofficial UNC transcript, including your latest semester’s grades. Click here for information on how to obtain your transcript online. If you have taken higher education courses that are not reflected on your transcript, provide those transcripts as well. If you are chosen for endorsement, you will be required to submit official transcripts to the Churchill Scholarship.


Provide a high-resolution head shot photograph (.jpg or .jpeg file) for promotional purposes. It does not need to be professionally taken.


  • Online application form, 2 essays, CV, transcripts, photograph
UPLOAD APPLICATION FORM: Save all documents as PDFs and submit them here

Letters of Recommendation

Request 4 letters of recommendation directly from faculty using the form linked below. We encourage you contact your recommenders at least one month prior to the endorsement deadline and to share your personal statement, resume, and future goals with all recommenders. Pre-fill this form before sharing it with recommenders. Each recommender must include the first page of this completed form as the first page of the PDF containing their letter of recommendation.

When choosing recommenders, consider the following:

  • The letters must all be academic recommendations from professors, laboratory directors, or others who have direct knowledge of your work or research.
  • Do not request recommendations from teachers in fields not related to your research in science, mathematics, or engineering and please do not submit personal recommendations.
  • Request no more than one or two recommendations from classroom professors; the Selection Committee prefers to see letters from people with direct knowledge of your research.
  • If you are applying to one of the MASt courses in Mathematics, at least one of your recommendation letters should be from a mathematician and address the level of your preparation in that subject.

When you complete the following form, your recommenders will receive an email with instructions to upload their letters as PDFs. You should ask potential recommenders personally before completing this form.

Recommendations should be signed, on letterhead, and addressed to The Churchill Scholarship Selection Committee. Contact ODS if you need advice on choosing and contacting a recommender. Recommenders who have questions should contact ODS directly.

Submit Recommenders Form

University of Cambridge Application

Churchill Scholarship applicants must apply independently to the University of Cambridge by mid-October. The Churchill Scholarship application provides instructions regarding the University of Cambridge application. Visit the University of Cambridge Graduate Admissions website for requirements and details.


After You Apply

After reviewing the applications for endorsement, the UNC Churchill Scholarship Selection Committee will select competitive applicants in October. Applicants endorsed by the UNC Churchill Scholarship Selection Committee will have time to make revisions and update their application materials based on feedback from ODS and Dr. West. Endorsed applicants will complete their online application and submit it to ODS. ODS is responsible for uploading your recommendation letters and officially submitting your application to the Churchill Foundation.

Applicants will be notified in January if they have been selected by the Winston Churchill Foundation as a finalist. Finalists are interviewed over the phone by the Foundation’s Executive Director. Finalists are notified soon after their interviews if they have been selected as a Churchill Scholar.