Honors Carolina is more than honorific. It is a rigorous, interdisciplinary academic program designed for students who are eager to explore beyond their immediate academic concentrations and anticipated career trajectories. We want and expect our students to be committed to living a life of the mind.

What's Waiting For You...

Honors Carolina provides a remarkable collection of challenges and opportunities for you to take advantage of inside and outside the classroom.

Learn from UNC’s most distinguished professors in a small seminar-style setting. Conduct original research side-by-side with a faculty mentor. Travel to the world's greatest cites through study abroad programs and fellowship opportunities. Build lasting personal relationships with professors, fellow scholars, and alumni through Honors Carolina programs.


The Honors Carolina Community

Enjoy all the perks of being a Carolina student, plus the added advantage of making connections with a small group of peers who share your passion for learning.

The Company You Keep

Honors Carolina students possess the intellectual curiosity, ambition, and desire to embrace challenges and solve problems. While numbers alone cannot accurately describe Honors Carolina students, the following statistics provide some measure of the company you will keep.
  • Average High School Class Rank: Top 3%
  • Average SAT Score: 1420
  • Average ACT Score: 31

London Calling

TBD 2020
Week-long stay in London visiting UNC alumni in various fields and locations around the city.

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Sawubona, South Africa

TBD 2020
Week-long trip to Cape Town exploring the history, culture, and natural wonder of the region.

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