How I Landed My Dream Job

John Hu, a senior majoring in business and computer science, knows exactly what he’s going to do when he graduates in May. He has a job lined up at Goldman Sachs in New York, where he will be working as an investment banking analyst at one of the world’s leading financial firms.

A life-long techie, it wasn’t that long ago that John planned to pursue a career in technology. He spent two summers working at tech firms, but soon realized he was looking for something more fast-paced and meaningful. As someone who always enjoyed following the markets, investment banking proved to be a perfect fit for John.

He took advantage of connections he made through Honors Carolina to land an internship with Goldman Sachs.

“The Wall Street recruiting process is incredibly intimidating,” John says. “If you don’t have a mentor to help guide you, it’s tough.”

Career and professional development workshops helped John sharpen his skills and connect with Honors Carolina alumni who provided invaluable assistance.

“Honors Carolina opened a lot of doors for me. It helped me make meaningful connections with people who were very open and enthusiastic about helping me prepare for the recruiting process because of our shared experience. I’m extremely grateful to the Honors Carolina network for getting me to where I am today.”

Once John started his internship, the relationships he forged through Honors Carolina continued to pay dividends. “They were always there to support me and make sure I was getting the most out of my internship experience.”

His advice to other students: “Do something that you are genuinely passionate about – and once you find that passion, devour it. Talk to everyone you can, read everything you can. Embracing my passion for the markets really helped me in the interview process.”