Honors Carolina in the Classroom

From art history to economics, from biology to classics, Honors Carolina offers more than 200 courses and seminars each year that encompass virtually every discipline in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Academic rigor, creativity, and hands-on learning characterize these classes, which are led by Carolina's most distinguished faculty.

Honors Course Registration

Pre-registration checklist

Have you heard? Course registration is changing!

Beginning in Spring 2022, the Registrar’s office will use earned credit hours rather than time in residence to schedule your enrollment appointment. In addition, Honors Carolina students will be assigned to the earliest registration time on their appointment day – effectively moving you to the front of the line within your registration cohort. Honors priority registration has long been at the top of our wish list; we are thrilled to let you know that it is now university policy.

Below is an overview of the new course registration process (for more details, please see the University Registrar’s Spring 2022 Registration Guide).


  • Students will register for classes in two waves.
    • During Wave 1 (Weeks 1 and 2), you will register for up to 12 hours.
    • During Wave 2 (Weeks 3 and 4), you will register for up to 17 hours, including up to 4 waitlisted hours.
    • Open enrollment begins after Wave 2. You will then be able to register for up to 18 hours.


  • The day of your registration appointment will be determined by earned credit hours (limited to completed UNC credits and transfer credits).


  • The time of your registration appointment will be determined by your status as an Honors Carolina student. You will register at 7:00 a.m. – the earliest slot on your appointment day.


  • During Wave 1 (Oct 25-Nov 4):

    • Members of Honors Carolina will register during the 7am – 10am registration appointment timeslot on their assigned registration day
    • Register yourself for no more than two honors courses
    • Wait listing not available


  • During Wave 2 (Nov 8-Nov 18):

    • Members of Honors Carolina will register during the 7am – 10am registration appointment timeslot on their assigned registration day
    • Register for additional honors courses during this time
    • Wait listing available via ConnectCarolina (for members of Honors Carolina only)


  • During Open Enrollment (Begins Nov 19):

    • All students with a 3.0 or higher GPA may register for honors courses
    • Wait listing available via ConnectCarolina (for all eligible students)

Please know that we will continue to send each student a customized Honors Carolina Laureate Status Update Report before registration begins. This report will include important registration dates and procedures, as well as provide you a record of your current program credits. If you have questions at any time regarding your status, please feel free to email us at honorscarolina@unc.edu.

Honors Carolina Academic Contacts

Director of Curriculum, Recruitment & Operations
Contact for: Honors course equivalents, Honors Carolina Laureate / program requirements

Assistant Director of Recruitment & Operations
Contact for: Program requirements, probation

Enrolled Student Services Coordinator
Contact for: Honors course registration, course offerings & descriptions

Access to Honors Carolina Courses

If space is available, students with a 3.0 GPA may enroll in Honors Carolina courses during the open registration period.

More than 200 students each year are introduced to Honors Carolina this way.


Honors Carolina courses have an average of 22 students.