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Carolina faculty play an integral role in the success of Honors Carolina, engaging with students through thought-provoking classroom discussions, hands-on research projects and unique learning experiences built on a shared passion for knowledge.

Honors Carolina relies on the active participation and valuable support of faculty and staff. Discover how you can get involved in Honors Carolina today.
My most rewarding teaching experience at the University was an Honors Carolina course I taught. Students consistently posed such thoughtful questions that the course became an exhilarating teaching — and, indeed, learning — experience for me.

Honors Contract

With the professor’s permission, Honors Carolina students may pursue an independent project of their own design within a regular course. The project should complement the course work and must produce a tangible final product — written, performed, or exhibited.

If you are approached about creating an Honors Contract, please talk with the student and determine if you can design a mutually agreeable project.

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Your job is to see that they get a chance. To help them step forward. Help them grow. Help them enrich their lives. And when you do that, then you create a whole army of positive motion.