An Exceptional Academic Experience

An exceptional academic experience lies at the heart of Honors Carolina. Students are challenged — inside and outside the classroom — and encouraged to expand their education by taking advantage of study abroad programs, fellowships, research opportunities and all that Honors Carolina has to offer.

Spring 2022 Honors Courses

Proposals for Spring 2022 Honors Contracts & Faculty-Mentored Research Projects Due by 12:00 Noon on Jan 31

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Completing A Senior Honors Thesis: Three Things You Need To Know

Complete a Senior Honors Thesis by partnering with a faculty mentor to develop original research and creative work. For many students, the thesis becomes a first publication or an important part of their application to graduate or professional school.

Research Grants

Grants up to $500 are available to help offset the cost of conducting a Senior Honors Thesis.

Fall 2021 Deadline: November 8

Students completing their senior honors thesis in Fall 2021 must complete all thesis-related work (including defense) by Monday, November 8, 2021.

Graduating With Honors

Your department must report your name to the Honors Carolina office to confirm that you will be graduating with honors in your degree.


Interdisciplinary Minor in Medicine, Literature, and Culture

Examine medicine not only as a scientific enterprise, but also as a cultural practice embedded in changing ideas about disease, the doctor-patient relationship, medical institutions, and medical ethics.

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Where The Students Become the Teacher

Gain a new perspective on the classroom experience by developing and teaching a course of your own design.

Students work with a faculty mentor to plan the class in the Fall, then teach a weekly seminar in the Spring.

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Morehead-Cain Alumni Visiting Distinguished Professor

Distinguished leaders spend a semester in Chapel Hill engaging with Honors Carolina students on issues of broad intellectual and social significance.

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