Honors Carolina Student Association

The Honors Carolina Student Association (HCSA) is a student-run organization that works with the Honors Carolina team to further the mission of the Honors program of providing resources and support to high achieving intellectually curious students, while encouraging service and leadership for the common good.


  • Katie Hunter
  • Sejal Rai


  • Mackie Tate Tygart


  • Sarah Zhang


  • Hadley Chapman


  • Education & Research (Co-Directors, Nisha Das and Jason Yan)
  • Global (Director, Kathryn E. Haenni)
  • Community Events (Co-Directors, Emsley Jones and Isabella Ahn)
  • Go Anywhere (Director, Nicole Belcher)
  • Marketing (Co-Directors, Katherine Morgan Thompson & Izzy Tuck)
  • Ambassador & Mentor (Co-Directors, Amy Nguyen, William Cook and Ananya Jain)
  • Community and Belonging (Co-Directors, Timothy McLendon and Raguell Couch)


Education & Research Committee

This committee will support the educational and research needs of Honors Carolina, facilitate Food for Thought and Concerts in Context as well as serve on focus groups. Responsibilities include:

  • Promote research opportunities
  • Help students learn how to find research opportunities
  • Create opportunities for students to share research
  • Promote Global programs and Fellowships

Global Committee

This committee will assist with promoting Honors Carolina global opportunities by incorporating students who have studied abroad/away, help to identify faculty leads for the programs, and liaison with other global initiatives. Responsibilities include:

  • Promote Global programs and fellowships
  • Support the initiatives of the Director of Global Education and Fellowships

Community Events Committee

This committee will develop and lead all social events for the Honors Carolina such as the First Year Gala, First Year events, End of the Year Picnic, Lyrics in the Lounge, and more. Responsibilities include:

  • Create and execute social events for Honors Carolina
  • Schedule study breaks when needed
  • Develop and execute community service initiatives for Honors Carolina
  • Organize events in the Honors Carolina First Year Residential Community (Horton)

Go Anywhere Committee

This committee will lead professional development activities and serve as host for various professional development activities throughout the year such as host alumni, generate content within the Go Anywhere platform, suggest opportunities, and promote groups, discussion boards, and student engagement. Responsibilities include:

  • Develop Go Anywhere tutorials and create discussions
  • Promote sign up for Go Anywhere to Honors Carolina students
  • Facilitate professional photo opportunities
  • Assist with the promotion of all aspects of the platform

Marketing Committee

This committee will create and lead marketing initiatives for Honors Carolina such as photography, social media posts, podcasts, etc. to promote & engage students. Responsibilities include:

  • Publicize events through social media
  • Create surveys to gather data about students’ perceptions of our events
  • Develop flyers and marketing materials for Honors Carolina
  • Ensure information is posted on the bulletin board in the Horton residence hall
  • Support the “Do it for the Graham” Instagram challenge

Ambassadors & Mentors Committee

This committee will assist with ambassador and mentor activities within Honors Carolina such as serving as mentors to First Year students through the Fall and working with prospective students in the Spring. Responsibilities include:

  • Manage and oversee all aspects of the HCSA First Year Mentor Program
  • Assist with the recruitment of prospective students to Honors Carolina