John Hood Summey ’62 and his late wife, Edith (Edie) Shuford Summey ’62, always put great value on education and international travel, and the learning that comes from travel. That mindset led them to create and endow two separate funds within Honors Carolina which will support undergraduate students at UNC for years to come.

The Summeys hope that recipients of their scholarship will value their education, become loyal alumni, and perhaps someday establish scholarship programs of their own!

John and Edie Summey

Summey Scholarships

Do you have curiosity that would drive you to travel beyond the bounds of your study abroad program? The Summey Award makes it all possible.

The John Hood and Edith Shuford Summey Honors Carolina Study Abroad Scholarship provides undergraduate students support to participate in Honors Carolina summer abroad programs and further explore the culture and pursue a theme of their interest in the region in which they study.

The scholarship awards students funding towards their selected study abroad program in addition to an opportunity to extend their studies by traveling independently for an additional week to enrich their learning about the topic of study, region, language, culture, and history.
Mackenzie Cullinan
Mang Iang
Katherine Fiore
Sunhee Frecker
Jordyn Middleton
Lillian Pitts
Mary Kathryn Schultz
Brianna Veres
Jason Yan

Possibilities of the Summey Scholarship

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More about the Summeys

John and Edie were blessed to have had the opportunity to become very educated, John with a Ph.D. in marketing and Edie with an Ed.D. in art education. They believed that a university education provides students with the knowledge and skills required to become self-dependent persons.

They grew up in Gastonia, North Carolina, and both attended UNC, graduating in 1962. Edie spent two years at Duke before transferring to UNC, since – at that time – women were not allowed at UNC until they were juniors.

After graduation, John spent time in Arizona as an officer in the Air Force and Edie started a graduate program in art education. Following his Air Force service, John completed his MBA and Ph.D. in marketing and Edie her master’s degree and Ed.D. in art education, both from Arizona State University. Both served as teachers at the university level.

Additional information about John and Edie’s story can be found in this article published in the Carolina Arts & Sciences magazine.


Avid scuba diver Edie Summey on one of her many undersea adventures. (courtesy of John Summey)
We greatly valued the high quality of education we received and the experiences we had at Carolina.