A Global History of the Olympic Games

Students on the program will use the modern Olympic Games (1896-present) as a way to learn about both global sport and the wider story of modern international relations. Through this program, participants will explore the paradox of an event that was created to celebrate human commonality but one that requires athletes to compete as representatives of different nations. Students will discuss how a celebratory gathering intended to enrich competitors and spectators often leaves host cities and nations in staggering debt. Students will ask whether the Olympic Games have helped mend political divides and ease international tensions, whether the Games have actually served to exacerbate these conflicts, or whether the Olympics are, in the end, politically meaningless.

This program is scheduled to run in Summer 2022.

Application Deadline

February 10

All Burch Field Research Seminars are open to UNC undergraduates (second-year status or greater) who have a 3.0 GPA. No course pre-requisites.


Gina Difino
Director, Global Education and Fellowships