Three Honors Carolina Students Awarded Weir Fellowships

Three Honors Carolina students have been awarded Weir Fellowships for Asian Studies. Christopher Burriss ’18, Olivia Holder ’18, and Emily Rose ’18 will spend the spring semester in Beijing studying Mandarin, then complete a summer internship in Beijing or Shanghai.

The Weir Fellowship was established 10 years ago to immerse Carolina students in the language and culture of China with the goal of creating stronger relationships between the two countries.

Burriss, an economics major with a minor in Asian studies, established an exchange program during high school with Beijing Royal School and spent his junior year in Beijing. He is currently pursuing a joint-degree from Carolina and the National University of Singapore, a program that allows him to spend half of his undergraduate degree in Asia.

Holder, a double major in Chinese and History, hopes to spend the summer working at the National Museum of China working and learning more about Chinese history and culture.

Rose, a global studies major with a minor in Chinese and medical anthropology, is interested in exploring how health in China is tied to the nation’s social, economic and political developments and policies.

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