Beinecke Scholarship

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The Beinecke Scholarship Program seeks to encourage and enable highly motivated students to pursue a graduate course of study in the arts, humanities and social sciences. Up to 20 new scholarships are awarded each year. UNC is permitted to make a single nomination each year.

Award: Each scholar receives $5,000 immediately prior to entering graduate school and an additional $30,000 while attending graduate school. Recipients are allowed to supplement the award with other scholarships, assistantships and research grants.

Criteria: A student must have demonstrated superior standards of (1) intellectual ability, (2) scholastic achievement and (3) personal promise during his or her undergraduate career. The student must also have a documented history of receiving need-based financial aid during his or her undergraduate years. During the selection process, the amount of financial need will be one of the factors considered.



To be eligible for a Beinecke Scholarship, a student must:

  • Be a college junior scheduled to complete your bachelor’s degree anytime between the December of the year after you apply to August during the following year. (e.g. you can apply in the 2023-2024 academic year if you will graduate between December 2024 and August 2025)
  • Plan to enter a master’s or doctoral program in the arts, humanities or social sciences. Students in the social sciences who plan to pursue graduate study in neuroscience should not apply for a Beinecke Scholarship.
  • Be a United States citizen or a United States national from American Samoa or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.
  • Have a competitive GPA, typically 3.6 or higher
  • Have a documented history of receiving — or being eligible to receive — need-based financial aid during undergraduate enrollment.

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