Nationalism, Immigration, and Identity in London & Berlin

This course is about boundaries, with its aim to understand the interplay between national identity and immigration in the Western democracies, focusing on Britain and Germany. While nationalism is viewed by many as a natural part of the world, it is in fact a modern phenomenon. This course will begin with theoretical understandings of nationalism, followed by a more concrete and political understanding of the creation of British identity, and then an examination of how German identity was created and its contemporary manifestations. We will look at how religion, war and conquest shapes national identity, and the interplay between immigration and national identity in the UK and Germany. The contrast between national identity in these two countries, which fought against each other in two world wars, will help further our understanding of national identity and its challenges. Students will study these complexities by spending two weeks in London and two weeks in Berlin, with day trips to smaller nearby cities.

Summer 2024
May 18 - June 15, 2024

Application Deadline

January 31

All Burch Field Research Seminars are open to UNC undergraduates (second-year status or greater) who have a 3.0 GPA. No course pre-requisites.


Matt Eckler
Assistant, Global Programs
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Gina Difino
Director, Global Education and Fellowships