Nationalism, Immigration, and Identity in the United Kingdom

This course is about boundaries, with its aim to understand the interplay between national identity and immigration in the Western democracies, with a focus on England and Scotland. While nationalism is viewed by many as a natural part of the world, it is in fact a modern phenomenon. This course will begin with theoretical understandings of nationalism and immigration in the West. It will then move in a more concrete and political way to the dominant challenges to national identity in Britain. Students will study these complexities by spending time in three settings representing different communities across the United Kingdom: London (two weeks), Durham (4 days), and Edinburgh (10 days).

SUMMER DATES 2022: mid-May - mid-June 2022

Application Deadline

February 10

All Burch Field Research Seminars are open to UNC undergraduates (second-year status or greater) who have a 3.0 GPA. No course pre-requisites.


Gina Difino
Director, Global Education and Fellowships