Honors Carolina Connections


As UNC alumni, we are so excited about the possibility of welcoming you to Chapel Hill as a member of Honors Carolina!

As you may have read in the Honors Carolina: Your Journey Begins Here packet, one of the best ways to discover what Carolina has to offer is to talk with a member of the university community.  Our team of volunteers is waiting to speak with bright, curious students such as yourself and share more with you about the benefits of Honors Carolina and the wonders of UNC.  You can set up that communication easily by using the instructions below – just be sure you do so by the February 11th deadline.

Soon after February 11, we will match interested students with one of our volunteers who will serve as a connection/liaison between you and Honors Carolina.  Your liaison will connect with you via email and/or phone to ensure that all of your questions are answered.


Sign-up is easy! The first thing you do is join the Honors Carolina Go Anywhere Platform, which is the online portal used by students, coaches, alumni, and administrators to keep in touch and share information.  Click “Join Now” above, and you will be able to do the following:


  • Create your login password (don’t change the email address!)
  • Make sure you sign up as a “Prospect”
  • Select “Yes” when asked about joining a mentorship program (which is the way we will provide you with a liaison)
  • Answer a few questions about your interests

That’s it!  You’ll then have full access to the “Honors Carolina Connections” section of the Go Anywhere Platform, which is dedicated exclusively to Honors Carolina Class of 2028 invitees.  Inside, you’ll find helpful resources, answers to frequently asked questions, and a discussion board where you can post your own questions.

Then in mid-February, you will receive an email with the information about your liaison (who is called a “Mentor” on the platform).  Your liaison will contact you and will tell you more about what it means to be a Tar Heel and a member of Honors Carolina.  We hope you will act now; our liaisons, who are all members of the UNC Board of Visitors, are looking forward to talking to you!

Kay Sowers and Lawson Rankin,
Members of the UNC Board of Visitors

Please note: Joining the Go Anywhere Platform does not commit you to our program. If you choose to attend UNC-Chapel Hill and become a member of Honors Carolina, you have until May 1 to complete your enrollment.