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The Office of Distinguished Scholarships (ODS) helps UNC students and alumni put their best foot forward when applying for nationally competitive and prestigious scholarships and fellowships.

Let us help you discover award opportunities that match your academic, personal, and professional interests; learn how to craft a compelling application; and conduct an effective interview.

UNC has produced more Luce Scholars than any other university in the nation.

Recent Award Finalists + Recipients

Benjamin Kompa, ’17
Churchill Scholarship, 2017-2018

Ben is a double major in mathematics and computational science with a minor in biology. He hopes to apply the techniques of computer science and statistics to biomedical problems and pursue a research career in bioinformatics. Ben is UNC’s 17th Churchill Scholarship recipient.

Chang Zhao, ’15
Jialing Jiang, ’17

Schwarzman Scholars, 2017-2018

The newly named Schwarzman Scholars share a connection in the the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies. Jiang, a current member of the organization, was mentored and sponsored for membership by Zhao.

Jake Bernstein ‘16
Blake Hauser
Destiny Planter
Shauna Rust
Truman Finalists, 2014-15

This group was Carolina’s largest group of Finalists for the Truman Scholarship in recent years. Their interests include social entrepreneurship (Jake), epidemiology and surgical initiatives (Blake), children’s rights advocacy (Destiny), and community health promotion (Shauna).

Scott Emmons ’19
Sarah Miller ‘18
Goldwater Scholars, 2016-17

This duo is focused on mathematics and computer science, specifically network theory (Scott) & epigenetics and long non-coding RNA (Sarah). Carolina has produced 46 Goldwater Scholars.


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ODS regularly hosts information sessions, workshops, and prep-shops to help applicants better understand and prepare for the application process.

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Words of Wisdom:
Personal Statements

The personal statement is the key to the application. It’s your chance to stand out. Tell a story that makes the reader want to get to know you. Create a narrative that speaks to your goals and what you hope to achieve.

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