Course Equivalents

Honors Carolina offers several alternative ways to earn course credit toward their graduation requirements:

Honors Study Abroad Programs (6-12 Credit Hours)

Travel to Cape Town, London, or Rome through the Honors Study Abroad program and earn up to 12 Honors credit hours.  Learn more about Honors Study Abroad programs.

Burch Field Research Seminars (6-12 Credit Hours)

Take your classroom experience around the globe. Spend a semester focusing on a specific issue with unique hands-on learning opportunities. Study human rights in Rwanda, music in Florence, and public policy in Washington, DC. Learn more about Burch Field Research Seminars.

Dunlevie Honors Colloquium (1.5 Credit Hours)

Participate in a weekly seminar that focuses on a broad interdisciplinary topic that changes each semester. Available to students with 60+ credit hours toward graduation. Typicallly offered each spring semester. View course descriptions here.

Honors Contract (3 Credit Hours)

Complete a supplemental project in a non-honors course in which you’re currently enrolled. Available to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year members of Honors Carolina. Requires approval. Learn more.

Honors Carolina Fellowships (3 Credit Hours)

Earn credit for participating in Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships (SURFs) or Honors Carolina fellowships, including the Burch Fellowship, Carolina Blue Fellowship, Gold Summer Research Fellowships, Robinson Fellowship and Taylor Summer Research Fellowships. Learn more.

Faculty-Mentored Research Projects (3 Credit Hours)

Earn credit for participating in a faculty member’s ongoing research project. Available to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year members of Honors Carolina. Requires approval via submission of a proposal form to Honors Carolina.

Pre-approved Research Courses (Same Credit Hours as Course Enrollment)

Students automatically earn program credit for enrollment in the following courses; no proposal submission is necessary to earn these credits:

  • Any course numbered 295, 395, 495
  • BIOL 421L
  • EXSS 273
  • HIST 398
  • NSCI 274, 276, 278, 279
  • PHIL 392
  • POLI 150L
  • PSYC 270, 403, 530
  • ROML 500
  • SUOP 193 (limited to 3.0 hours for a single summer)

Graduate-Level Coursework (Same Credit Hours as Course Enrollment)

Successfully complete a graduate-level course (those typically restricted to graduate students and requiring special permission for undergraduates to register). The courses below have been pre-approved to earn honors program credit. To apply for credit for courses not on the list below, please submit a proposal to Honors Carolina for approval.

  • Any 600-, 700-, 800- or 900-level course
  • BMME 560
  • INLS 523, 539, 585
  • PUBH 510

Non-Honors Study Abroad Programs (3 Credit Hours)

Participate in study abroad programs approved by the UNC Study Abroad Office. Earn 3 hours credit for semester-long and summer programs or 6 hours for year-long programs.