Course Planning + Scheduling

Planning Honors Carolina Courses

During the Course Schedule Maintenance period, academic units should submit an Honors Carolina Course Planning Form prior to the scheduling deadline. A reminder will be emailed to directors of undergraduate studies and departmental course scheduling officers with specific dates each semester.

The planning form should include:

  • Honors First Year Seminars: Only a limited number of Honors First Year Seminars may be scheduled each year. The Honors Carolina office must confirm that proposed seminars can be accommodated. Note: This procedure is separate from any review and/or approval required by the First Year Seminar Office. Click here for more information.
  • Departmental Honors Courses | “H” Courses: Departments may offer Honors sections of any undergraduate course that has been reviewed and approved by the College of Arts & Sciences administrative boards or curriculum committee — ie, any course that currently exists in the Course Inventory. The same General Education requirements approved for a given course number will apply to the Honors version of that course.

Senior Honors Thesis courses do not need to be reported.

Scheduling Honors Carolina Courses

If a planned course has not been offered previously as an “H” section, the department must submit a request to add the course via the Curriculum Inventory Management (CIM) system. The syllabus will route to Honors Carolina for review/approval. Directions on adding a new honors course in CIM are included in the CIM Users Guide. NOTE: IF YOU ARE ADDING AN ‘H’ SECTION TO A COURSE THAT ALREADY EXISTS, PLEASE CONTACT JASON CLEMMONS IN ADVANCE TO LET HIM KNOW THAT THIS REQUEST CAN BE FAST-TRACKED.

The departmental course scheduling officer should schedule Honors Carolina courses via ConnectCarolina each semester during the Course Schedule Maintenance period using the following guidelines:

  • Add Consent Flag: This should be set to “No Consent.” Honors Carolina courses should not require special permission to register (with the exception of Honors thesis and research courses). If you believe it is necessary to require consent for a course, include an explanation in the “Notes” field on the Honors Carolina Course Planning Form.
  • Enrollment Capacity: This should be set to “24” for all Honors Carolina courses. If you wish to set a lower enrollment, include an explanation in the “Notes” field on the Honors Carolina Course Planning Form. Requests to offer fewer seats in an Honors First Year Seminar should be directed to the First Year Seminar Office.
  • Wait List Capacity: This should be set to “0.” Honors Carolina manually maintains wait lists.
  • Reserve Capacities: Honors Carolina will set reserve capacities for courses prior to the beginning of registration.

Any changes to an Honors Carolina course offerings (day/time/instructor changes, cancellations, new courses) should be reported to Jason Clemmons immediately.

Registration and Wait List Process

Click here for details about class registration and the wait list process.