Honors Contract

With the professor’s permission, Honors Carolina students can pursue an independent project of their own design within a regular course. The project should complement the course work and must produce a tangible final product — written, performed, or exhibited.

A student might write a research paper that explores a topic covered in class, but in greater depth or complete a supplemental reading project with a formal report on the results.

This opportunity is attractive to students who may have a limited number of Honors Carolina courses offered within their major. If you are approached about creating an Honors Contract, talk with the student and determine if you can design a mutually agreeable project.


This opportunity is available to any Honors Carolina student who has accumulated at least 60 hours of academic credit toward graduation. Students must submit an online Honors Contract Proposal Form, which is routed to the professor for approval.

Students may pursue one Honors Contract each semester.

Available Courses

Students may design an Honors Contract for any upper-level (200+) course.

Proposal Submission Deadline

Completed proposal forms must be submitted online and approved by the professor within three weeks of the first day of class. Students will be notified of the status of their proposal within one week of the submission deadline.


Honors Contract: Proposal Form

Honors Contact: Summary Report