Registration and Wait List Process

There are two ways for students to register for Honors Carolina courses:

Online Registration

Honors Carolina students may enroll in two Honors Carolina courses each semester at their regular registration appointment time via ConnectCarolina (additional courses may be added during walk-in registration). Throughout the two-week registration period, the Honors Carolina office adjusts the enrollment and reserve capacities of Honors Carolina courses — departments should not adjust these numbers. Wait listing is not permitted during online registration.

Walk-in Registration

Once the online registration period ends, Honors Carolina assumes manual control of course registration and wait lists. A Department Consent flag and Registration Note is added to each course indicating that students must visit the Honors Carolina office in person to enroll. Any student with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher may register for an Honors course unless the instructor has requested additional restrictions.

Walk-in registration continues until just prior to the start of the semester.

Wait Lists

Honors Carolina maintains an active wait list for each Honors Carolina course throughout the registration period. Honors Carolina students receive wait list priority and are enrolled before other students when seats become available.

Before the semester begins, wait lists are purged and a copy is provided to instructors for their records. Once classes begin, instructors must provide written permission for students to join an Honors Carolina course. Permission notes should be delivered by the student to the Honors Carolina office.

Maintaining small class sizes is integral to the Honors Carolina experience. No Honors Carolina course should be over-enrolled by more than one or two students under any circumstances.