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Global Honors

With Chapel Hill as a launching pad, Honors Carolina students pursue opportunities around the globe. From study abroad programs to international fellowships, there is virtually no limit on how far you can go.

Honors Study Abroad

Cape Town. London. Rome. Singapore. Honors Study Abroad programs make it possible for Honors Carolina students to live and study in some of the world’s greatest cities. Programs are led by Carolina faculty. Students also take courses with distinguished professors at some of the most highly-regarded universities in the world.

Cape Town: Immerse yourself in the living history of South Africa by interning with institutions that are helping to create a democratic civil society and attending lectures by local academic, business, and political leaders.

London: Study at Carolina’s own Winston House on historic Bedford Square, attend seminars within the shadow of the British Museum, conduct research at the British Library, and learn from professors who make London their home. Internship opportunities are available in fields ranging from global finance to healthcare and the arts.

Rome: Explore the cultural significance of Renaissance Rome through the study of major works of art and literature from the 15th-17th centuries. The program includes an art and architecture course that takes place entirely in the city’s streets and museums.

Singapore: Carolina’s joint undergraduate degree program with the National University of Singapore allows students to earn diplomas from both universities. Honors Carolina students may also enroll directly in the University Scholars Program at the National University of Singapore.

In addition to the Honors Study Abroad programs described here, the Carolina Study Abroad office offers more than 300 additional programs in 70 countries.

Burch Field Research Seminars

Burch Seminars deliver unique, hands-on learning experiences that showcase the relationship between faculty research and undergraduate teaching. Seminars are held in changing locations around the globe. Recent topics have included the archaeology of ancient Andean civilizations in Peru, genocide and human rights law in Rwanda, and domestic and international policymaking in Washington, DC.

Burch Fellows Program

Biking across western ChinaDesign an educational adventure, anywhere in the world, and the Burch Fellows Program can help make it a reality. Burch Fellows receive grants up to $6,000 to support self-designed, off-campus learning experiences like these: Working with NASA astrobiologists to answer questions about the possibility of life on other planets. Jamming with jazz musicians in Cuba. Traveling to the Philippines to study how bamboo can mitigate the effects of climate change.

Weir Honors Fellowships in Asian Studies

Become fluent in Mandarin and gain practical, independent work experience in China, home to one of the world’s oldest civilizations and the 21st century’s fastest growing economy.  Weir Fellows spend the Spring semester in Beijing for intensive language study and then complete an eight-week summer internship in either Beijing or Shanghai exploring careers in fields such as banking, law, journalism, public health, and historic preservation.