Past Robinson Honors Fellows

2017 Fellows

Grace Han

Class of 2018
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Majors: Art history and Political science. Minor: Global cinema

Grace studied the work of the Italian Renaissance artist Giotto and his contemporaries traveling around Italy where she compared and contrasted the fluidity of perspective in Western art history and analyzed the art of making two-dimensional media three-dimensional.

Michael Hensley

Class of 2017
Hometown: Rutherfordton, NC
Major: History. Minor: Medieval and early modern studies

Michael traveled to archaeological sites, museums, and universities across Europe in order to study the religious icons, mosaics, and manuscripts of the Byzantine Empire that have survived to the present. He created a blog that highlights the cultural and religious significance of this “forgotten” empire to Western European civilization. By examining the religion of the Byzantine Empire through multiple facets, he planned to draw larger conclusions about the art, religious practices, and culture of Byzantium.

Jimmy Messmer

Class of 2018
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Majors: History and Computer science

Jimmy traveled to London and visited the British Library Archives, British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, Cambridge, and Aberystwyth and studied apocalyptic thought in early modern England. His project sought to create an immersive learning experience delving through pamphlets expressing warnings of the apocalypse from early modern England and tied these to similar medieval expressions.

Noah Rawlings

Class of 2018
Hometown: Cary, NC
Major: Comparative literature. Minor: Environmental studies

Noah traveled to Paris, France for two months to research 19th-century developments in the fields of botany and used them to contextualize horticulture-influenced depictions of plant life in Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time. Immersing himself in the botanical texts Proust was reading during the writing of his epic novel, Noah assessed what these depictions implicate for reading Proust in the 21st century.

Anne Sutton

Class of 2018
Hometown: Burlington, VT
Majors: Voice performance and Geography

Anne traveled to London and Dartington to study historically informed baroque performance with manuscripts and masters. At the British Library in London, she looked at the original manuscripts of different Handel operas in which Faustina Bordoni, an Italian soprano active in Italy, Germany, and England, performed to explore the question of how singers affect composition, specifically their role in the musical zeitgeist during the Baroque era in the early 1700s.

2016 Fellows

Abigail Gancz

Class of 2019
Hometown: Rockville, MD
Majors: Biostatistics and Anthropology

Abigail traveled to Israel to participate in the excavation of the archaeological site, Omrit, and create an online collection of 3-D models of historical artifacts, famous historic Israeli sites, and modern structures.

Ori Hashmonay

Class of 2018
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Majors: Art history and German studies. Minor: French

Ori spent two months traveling to Jewish museums and archives throughout Europe analyzing illustrated Ketubbahs, which are Jewish marriage contracts.

Alex LaGrand

Class of 2018
Hometown: Cary, NC
Majors: English and Dramatic art. Minor: Medieval and early modern studies.

Alex spent two weeks researching prompt books used in performances of Shakespeare’s King Lear at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington D.C. She spent the following five weeks working at the American Shakespeare Center in Staunton, Virginia as the official dramaturge for their professional summer production of King Lear.

Marcus Valcarce-Aspergren

Class of 2017
Hometown: Oak Ridge, NC
Major: Ethnobotany. Minors: Chemistry and Medicine, Literature, and Culture.

Marcus traveled to northern Spain to study medieval texts on medicine, herbalism, and religion in order to learn about the cultural and historical experiences of healing and what it meant to be a healer.