Past Burch Fellows

2022 Fellows

  • Rida Bayraktar; STEM Education Programs for K-12 Girls in Turkey (video) (poster)
  • Tushar Varma; The Greatest Bookscapes (video) (poster)
  • Megan Murphy; Feeding Resistance (video) (poster)
  • Abdullah Saleh; Investigation of Biomolecular Interactions Related to MDS (video) (poster)

2015-2021 Fellows

2021 Fellows

  • Lucas Cain; English School Choice Matching (video) (poster)
  • Yueying Yu; Immigrant Restauranteurs in San Juan, Puerto Rico: A Feature Journalism Project (video) (poster)
  • Catherine Byrne; Re-Energize Governance of DR3 for Sustainable Development Project (video) (poster)
  • Mary Enloe; A City Divided: My Study of Hostile Architecture in New York City (video) (poster)
  • Hannah King; Immersion in the US Western Sheep Industry (video) (poster)
  • Alex Chantilis; Disidentity: Queer Conversation on Identity and Art in New York City (video) (poster)

2019 Fellows

  • Valentina Arismendi; Otra Vez: Once Again, From the Beginning (video) (poster)
  • Sebastian Elie-York; A Place at the Table (video) (poster)
  • Gabrielle Hubert; Gender and Development in Yangon, Myanmar (video) (poster)
  • Klaus Mayr, Ecology and Economy in the History of Hunza,Bogotá (video) (poster)
  • Elisa Kadackal, Empowering Refugee and Migrant Public Health Through Technology (video) (poster)

2018 Fellows

2017 Fellows

2016 Fellows

2015 Fellows

2010-2014 Fellows

2014 Fellows

2013 Fellows

2012 Fellows

2011 Fellows

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2005-2009 Fellows

2009 Fellows

2008 Fellows

2007 Fellows

2006 Fellows

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2000-2004 Fellows

2004 Fellows

2003 Fellows

  • Sindhura Citineni, Hunger Project in India
  • Stephen Ham, Great Ape Sanctuary in Zambia
  • Heide Iravani, Green Empowerment Water Project in Nicaragua
  • Megan Ketch, Mime Study in Europe
  • Daniel Pignatiello, Volcano Research in Washington State
  • Asher Stein, Jazz Study in Cuba
  • Natalie Teague, Organic Clothing Production Cycle in US and Nicaragua

2002 Fellows

  • David Chapman, Produced and Performed Own Play at Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Kevin Crotty, Studied Trumpet Throughout Europe
  • Elizabeth Kerr, Visited and Photographed Sacred Sites in Scotland and Ireland
  • Allyson Lippert Letteri, Painted Woman at Work in Samoa
  • Tanya Rogo, Worked on AIDS Crisis in Kenya

2001 Fellows

2000 Fellows

  • Rye Barcott, Worked on Youth Violence in Kibera, a Slum in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Jonathan Kregor, Researched Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique in Germany
  • Jessica Luginbuhl, Explored Identity Issues of North African Immigrants in France
  • Devyn Spence Benson, Examined Impact of Globalization on Local Cultures in Guatemala
  • Kelley Vance Lawrence, Lived with and Recorded Language of the Coatzospan Mixtec

1994-1999 Fellows

1999 Fellows

  • Alex Little, Studied Peace and Conflict in Ireland
  • Annie Newell, Research on Red Colobus Monkey in Zanzibar
  • Melissa Putman, Lived and Worked with Deaf Community in Minnesota
  • Meg Williamson, Traced and Wrote about Grandmother’s History in Europe and Africa

1998 Fellows

  • Melanie French Stone, Studied Russian Medical System in Saratov
  • Patrick Gray, Retraced Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage
  • Sanjai Gupta, Studied Chess with Grandmaster Lev Alburt
  • Melissa Zwicker Martin, Studied Voice in New York City

1997 Fellows

  • Tyrell Haberkorn, Teaching English to Sex Workers in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ted Lord, Apprenticed with Master Door Carver in Zanzibar
  • Sarah Manekin, Study of Ethiopian Jews in Jerusalem
  • David Moricca, Student Scholars in Zimbabwe

1996 Fellows

  • Maria Muscarella, Assisted Midwives in Ireland
  • Erin Parrish Reade, Worked with AIDS Patients in New York City
  • Jonathan Tepper, Study of Ladino: A Half-Forgotten Language

1995 Fellows

  • Daniel Aldrich
  • David Hunter Cherwek, 1995, Survey of African Medicine and Research
  • Dawnelle Hyland, Working with At-Risk Students in Los Angeles

1994 Fellows

  • Shirley Liu, Study of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Brent Ridge, Lived with indigenous warriors in the Ecuadorean Amazon