Past Robinson Honors Fellows

2018 Fellows

John Daniel Bratcher, Class of 2019

The Cathedral Space
England, Scotland, Wales

Hometown: Beulaville, NC
Majors: Journalism & History. Minor: Medieval and Early Modern Studies



Thomas Elliott, Class of 2019

Searching in the Silent Archives: Coloniality in European Memory
England, France, Belgium

Hometown: Carrboro, NC
Majors: Political Science & Contemporary European Studies. Minor: Visual Communications



Nicholas Gigot, Class of 2020

German Cartography from the Age of Discovery to the Information Age

Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD
Majors: Economics & Environmental Studies. Minor: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics



Brodie Heginbotham, Class of 2019

The Camino de Santiago: A Pilgrimage

Hometown: Edenton, NC
Major: Religious Studies. Minors: Advertising & Ancient Greek



Megan McCorkle, Class of 2019

Living the History of the Paris Commune of 1871

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Majors: History & Political Science



Kate Warren, Class of 2019

Arms and Armor of Medieval England: Representations of Wealth, Status, Military Masculinity
England, France, Italy

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Major: History



2017 Fellows

Grace Han, Class of 2018

9 Weeks, 9 Cities: Travels Through Northern Italy

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Majors: Art history and Political science. Minor: Global cinema



Michael Hensley, Class of 2017

Sailing to Byzantium: A Modern Odyssey
Greece, Italy

Hometown: Rutherfordton, NC
Major: History. Minor: Medieval and early modern studies



Jimmy Messmer, Class of 2018

Apocalyptic Thought in Early Modern England

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Majors: History and Computer science



Noah Rawlings, Class of 2018

Botanical Influence in Proust’s, In Search of Lost Time

Hometown: Cary, NC
Major: Comparative literature. Minor: Environmental studies



Anne Sutton, Class of 2018

The Impacts of Italian Singer, Faustina Bordoni
England, Italy

Hometown: Burlington, VT
Majors: Voice performance and Geography


2016 Fellows

Abigail Gancz, Class of 2019

Past and Present in Historic Israel

Hometown: Rockville, MD
Majors: Biostatistics and Anthropology



Ori Hashmonay, Class of 2018

A Study of Jewish Marriage Practice in Europe
France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Majors: Art history and German studies. Minor: French



Alex LaGrand, Class of 2018

Prompting Lear
Washington, DC, Virginia

Hometown: Cary, NC
Majors: English and Dramatic art. Minor: Medieval and early modern studies.



Marcus Valcarce-Aspergren, Class of 2017

Cultural Origins of Medieval Medicine

Hometown: Oak Ridge, NC
Major: Ethnobotany. Minors: Chemistry and Medicine, Literature, and Culture.