Robinson Honors Fellows

2023 Fellows

Jordan Mundy, Class of 2023

Hometown: Asheville, NC
Majors: Political Science and History

This summer, Jordan will travel to multiple cities within the UK to keep her involvement in beekeeping alive. She will seek to understand the cultural and environmental importance of beekeeping in the British Isles in both the pre-modern era and the 21st century.

Alyssa Parrnelli, Class of 2024

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Majors: Classics, French minor

With the support of the Robinson Honors fellowship, Alyssa has been accepted to an archaeological topography team and will excavate the ancient city of Gabii, near Rome. After her field experience, she will further contextualize this work by visiting sites and museums in the Bay of Naples, such as Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Rachel Sarvey, Class of 2025

Hometown: Harrisburg, NC
Majors: Classics, Greek minor

Rachel will use the funds from the Robinson Honors Fellowship to support her travels to Eastern Crete to assist Dr. Donald Haggis in conducting an exploratory excavation of two sites, Ayios Antonios and Alykomouri, producing a field report from the findings.


Annie Veum, Class of 2024

Hometown: Apex, NC
Majors: History and Archaeology, Italian minor

This summer, Annie will travel to multiple cities in the UK to study the later Anglo-Saxon perception of pre-historical mounds through the execution cemeteries often associated with them, governmental documents, and the folkloric tales describing them. From this, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of the Anglo-Saxon perception of the past.

2016-2022 Fellows

2022 Fellows

Graham Hill, Class of 2023

Violence and the Vikings
York, Nottingham, and London, UK (with brief stays in Lindisfarne, Wallingord, Athelny, and Norwich)

Hometown: Tampa, FL
Majors: History

Julia Holoman, Class of 2023

Investigating in Aspen: Zwichenfachs of the Present, Past, and Future
Aspen, CO

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Majors: Music


Kamryn McDonald, Class of 2023

Gendered Differences in Mental Health Diagnosis, Treatment, and Patient Outcomes of Hospitalized Individuals in 19th and 20th Century Europe
London, UK; Frankfurt, Germany; and Vienna, Austria

Hometown: Bostic, NC
Majors: Psychology Minor: Social & Economic Justice

2021 Fellows

Bryanna Ledbetter, Class of 2022

Persecution and Public Memory: Early Modern Witch Trials in the United Kingdom and American Colonies
Salem, MA; London, Lancashire, and Bury St. Edmunds, England; and North Berwick and Edinburgh, Scotland

Hometown: Hudson, NC
Majors: History and Management and Society Minor: Cognitive Science (Video)


Thalia Rivero, Class of 2022

Traveling in the Mind: An Insight into the Development of Psychological Research in England
London, Sussex, and Beckenham, England

Hometown: Miami, FL
Majors: Psychology Minor: Neuroscience


Keely Parrish, Class of 2021

Iconoclasm Within Museums: The History of National Identity Within Art
Berlin, Germany; Paris, France; and Rome and Florence, Italy

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Majors: Media and Journalism Minor: Art History


Sarah Frisbie, Class of 2023

Popes, Peasants, and Pilgrims: A Survey of Medieval-Era Graffiti in the Palais des Papes
Avignon, France

Hometown: Davidson, NC
Majors: Studio Art and Global Studies


Kennedy Miller, Class of 2022

Giving Voice to an Unsung History: The Women Performing Opera and Demanding Unification in 20th Century Italy
Milan, Italy

Hometown: Rocky Mount, NC
Majors: Music and English and Comparative Literature (Video)


2019 Fellows

Anna Grace Freebersyser, Class of 2020

Imagery and the Social Conscience: The Significance of “Am I not a Man and a Brother?” and the Brooks Slave Ship Diagram in the British Abolitionist
London, Wisbech, Liverpool, Stoke-on-Trent and Alton, England

Hometown: Fuquay Varina, NC
Majors: Journalism Minor: Entrepreneurship and Studio Art (Video)


Claire Ruch, Class of 2020

An Exploration and Reclamation of the Reclining Female Nude
New York City, USA; London, England; Paris, France; and Florence, Italy

Hometown: Greensboro
Majors: Art History and Journalism Minor: Social And Economic Justice


Laura Wilder, Class of 2021

The Art of Venetian Lace
Burano, Venice, and Milan, Italy and Brussels, Belgium

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Majors: Global Studies and Italian Minor: Entrepreneurship (Video)


Turkan Banu Karatas, Class of 2020

Former Lunatic Asylums in Western Europe
London, England; Paris, France; Ghent and Brussels, Belgium; and Vienna, Austria

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Majors: Sociology and Global Studies Minor: Chemistry (Video)


John Collier Cobb, Class of 2020

Repressed and Fractured Communication as Described by Virginia Woolf and Her Peers in the Bloomsbury Group
London, England

Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Majors: English and Philosophy Minor: Writing for the Screen and Stage (Video)


Rachel Mauney, Class of 2020

The Context of Death: The Cemetery of Innocents and the Dance of Death
Paris, Dijon, Montivilliers, and La Chaise-Dieu, France; Talinn, Estonia; and Hrastovlje, Slovenia

Hometown: Shelby, NC
Majors: Art History Minor: Neuroscience (Video)


2018 Fellows

John Daniel Bratcher, Class of 2019

The Cathedral Space
England, Scotland, Wales

Hometown: Beulaville, NC
Majors: Journalism & History. Minor: Medieval and Early Modern Studies



Thomas Elliott, Class of 2019

Searching in the Silent Archives: Coloniality in European Memory
England, France, Belgium

Hometown: Carrboro, NC
Majors: Political Science & Contemporary European Studies. Minor: Visual Communications



Nicholas Gigot, Class of 2020

German Cartography from the Age of Discovery to the Information Age

Hometown: Chevy Chase, MD
Majors: Economics & Environmental Studies. Minor: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics



Brodie Heginbotham, Class of 2019

The Camino de Santiago: A Pilgrimage

Hometown: Edenton, NC
Major: Religious Studies. Minors: Advertising & Ancient Greek



Megan McCorkle, Class of 2019

Living the History of the Paris Commune of 1871

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Majors: History & Political Science



Kate Warren, Class of 2019

Arms and Armor of Medieval England: Representations of Wealth, Status, Military Masculinity
England, France, Italy

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Major: History



2017 Fellows

Grace Han, Class of 2018

9 Weeks, 9 Cities: Travels Through Northern Italy

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Majors: Art history and Political science. Minor: Global cinema



Michael Hensley, Class of 2017

Sailing to Byzantium: A Modern Odyssey
Greece, Italy

Hometown: Rutherfordton, NC
Major: History. Minor: Medieval and early modern studies



Jimmy Messmer, Class of 2018

Apocalyptic Thought in Early Modern England

Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Majors: History and Computer science



Noah Rawlings, Class of 2018

Botanical Influence in Proust’s, In Search of Lost Time

Hometown: Cary, NC
Major: Comparative literature. Minor: Environmental studies



Anne Sutton, Class of 2018

The Impacts of Italian Singer, Faustina Bordoni
England, Italy

Hometown: Burlington, VT
Majors: Voice performance and Geography


2016 Fellows

Abigail Gancz, Class of 2019

Past and Present in Historic Israel

Hometown: Rockville, MD
Majors: Biostatistics and Anthropology



Ori Hashmonay, Class of 2018

A Study of Jewish Marriage Practice in Europe
France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Germany

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Majors: Art history and German studies. Minor: French



Alex LaGrand, Class of 2018

Prompting Lear
Washington, DC, Virginia

Hometown: Cary, NC
Majors: English and Dramatic art. Minor: Medieval and early modern studies.



Marcus Valcarce-Aspergren, Class of 2017

Cultural Origins of Medieval Medicine

Hometown: Oak Ridge, NC
Major: Ethnobotany. Minors: Chemistry and Medicine, Literature, and Culture.