Current Burch Fellows

Sarah K. Adams

p_circle_adams_sarahClass of 2017
Hometown: Greenville, SC
Majors: Music and Communication studies

Sarah will spend the summer in New York City studying the most difficult roles in all of soprano repertoire alongside her mentor and renowned opera singer and teacher, Karen Parks. She will also study the therapeutic benefits of music while singing at boys and girls programs, hospitals, and nursing homes in and around the city.

Sarah B. Hart

p_circle_hart_sarahClass of 2017
Hometown: Randolph, NJ
Major: Health policy and management. Minor: Spanish.

This summer, Sarah will be in Tarapoto, Peru working as a Public Health and Traditional Medicine intern for the Runa Foundation. In partnership with traditional healers, local healthcare providers, and community members, she will conduct a community health assessment to study current health risk factors, outcomes, and treatment seeking behaviors.

Prakash Kadiri

p_circle_kadiri_prakashClass of 2017
Hometown: Concord, NC
Major: Interdisciplinary studies in film production. Minor: Writing for the screen and stage.

Having written a fictional screenplay about four military deserters, Prakash will spend his fellowship preparing for production and shooting the 50 minute feature film on celluloid, a medium no longer easily accessible to students. He will be shooting the film at locations around the state of North Carolina.

Aditi Senthilnathan

p_circle_senthilnathan_aditiClass of 2017
Hometown: Apex, NC
Major: Biostatistics. Minor: Medical anthropology.

Aditi will spend eight weeks in Tamil Nadu, India exploring the roles and impacts of rural women hired at Aravind Eye Hospital, the largest ophthalmic provider in the world.

Karl VonZabern

p_circle_vonzabern_karlClass of 2018
Hometown: Durham, NC
Majors: Political science and Spanish

Karl will conduct research this summer in Peru on the political ideology of indigenous peoples by interviewing and blogging about porters on the Inca Trail leading to Machu Picchu as well as farmers around Cusco.

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