Students earn six hours of UNC graded credit through the following two courses:

ENEC 490H | Renewable Energy and Sustainable Community Design: Moving Toward a Lower Carbon Future (3 Credits)

This six-week course will provide students with an opportunity to study and compare three European countries–Denmark, Germany, and Spain–that have become world leaders in the production of energy from renewable sources and in reducing their carbon footprint. Students will learn first-hand from policymakers, planners, and producers in each country about the social, political, economic and technological changes that facilitated the growth in renewable energy and the move toward more sustainable development.

Major credit for studentsĀ in Environmental Studies

MEJO 560H | Sustainability and Storytelling in Denmark, Germany, and Spain (3 Credits)

This six-week course in Denmark, Germany, and Spain will offer students the chance to study and document European communities that are taking strong action to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Students will see firsthand how cities and rural communities in the three focus countries address the climate challenge. Drawing from their meetings and interviews with sources in the three countries, the students will create stories in multiple media, including audio, video, and text.

As they travel, students will consider which lessons might resonate with an American audience, and will produce news-style stories about what they learn. They will learn the basic skills of journalism: research, interviewing, writing short stories, and gathering photographs, videos, and/or audio. Students will interview university professors, city planners, ordinary citizens, and others about local approaches to carbon reduction.

Major credit for studentsĀ in Environmental Studies and the School of Media and Journalism.