Program Highlights

Program Dates

June 4 – July 16, 2022

Faculty Director

Dr. Kenneth Donnelly, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Program Highlights

Healthcare provision is a fundamental cornerstone of a modern industrial nation. It is often said that economic productivity and access to healthcare are inextricably linked, but for an individual it is also key to a happier and longer lifespan. Innovation in medical technologies and treatment delivery has created a huge worldwide biomedical industry that is geared to treating many more medical conditions and providing care to more patients. The focus of this program will be to study the process of innovation in the context of healthcare delivery and technology. It will compare different approaches to healthcare delivery across the different nations that make up the United Kingdom, other funding models of national healthcare services in selected EU countries and the private healthcare model in the US.

Meet Cassa Drury, Summer 2019 program participant!