PUBA 201H: Making and Unmaking a Criminal: The Intersection of Criminal Justice (3 credits)

PUBA 202H: Making and Unmaking a Criminal: Health Policy and Law (3 graded UNC credits)

Professor John Rubin and Jane Perkins, Esq.
Making Connections: Social and Behavioral Sciences (SS), North Atlantic World (NA)
IDEAs in Action: HI-ABROAD

While having a mental health diagnosis does not make a person more likely to commit a crime, an overwhelming number of people involved in the criminal justice system have unmet health, mental health, and substance use needs.

The program would enable students to:

  • Understand the ways in which the availability of health care can “make or unmake a criminal”
  • Assess the impediments to providing care in the usually siloed criminal and mental health systems
  • Identify opportunities for better coordination that would improve outcomes for justice-involved and potentially justice-involved people
  • Enhance their research and analytical skills, communication and presentation abilities, and capacity for collaboration with others