SPHG 429H: Public Health Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

Dr. Alice Ammerman and Laura Fieselman

The innovative and sustainable nature of entrepreneurial pursuit can benefit public health and food system initiatives, especially when entrepreneurship identifies economically self-sustaining solutions to public health challenges. This three-credit course will introduce students to basic concepts and case studies of commercial and social entrepreneurship as applied to the pursuit of public health through both for-profit and non-profit entities This course features many guest speakers with successful experience in public health entrepreneurship in diverse arenas. At the core of this course is a real-world project where students will work in groups to design their own start-ups addressing an identified public health problem/need, rapidly refining both their idea throughout the course and pitching it to experienced entrepreneurs and practitioners for feedback.

Through the course, students will:

  • Understand the foundational concepts of social enterprise and social innovation applied to a public health problem
  • Investigate these concepts in the Southeast Asian context
  • Identify and analyze social and environmental problems; apply the tools of social innovation and social enterprise in considering solutions
  • Understand the policies and economics of public health entrepreneurship abroad
  • Utilize guests and site visits to understand and build social business models
  • Establish vibrant relationships with community-based guests and cohort peers

Fulfills the Public Health Track requirement for the Shuford Program in Entrepreneurship.