Students earn six hours of UNC graded credit through the following two courses:

HNRS 353 (3 Credit Hours)
Early English Exploration and Colonization

Professor Wayne Lee
Approach: HS. History Elective Credit

This course immerses students in the primary sources of the English and Native American experience of colonization and exploration in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This is very much a course about mentality rather than events or social history. It is designed to query the mindset of the English who appeared on the eastern seaboard of North America, and how they understood the land and people they found, and also how those Native Americans came to understand them. In general, for each region we will look at primary materials first (or literary representations of the experience), using the sources to decode how the participants were thinking and interpreting their experiences.

HIST 398H (3 Credit Hours)
Violence in the Early Modern Western World

Professor Wayne Lee
Approach: HS. CI.

This course will explore several “case studies” or contexts for violence and try to relate them not only to their social setting, but to each other. Both the readings and the assignments are designed to force broad thinking about the nature and consequences of violence. The majority of the early part of the course will be group discussions of the readings as well as some site visits, combined in alternation with research methodology (alternating will allow students more time to do substantial readings for discussions on every other day).