Program Highlights

Program Dates

July 20 – August 10, 2024

Faculty Director

Matthew Andrews, Department of History

Program Highlights

Students on the program will use the modern Olympic Games (1896-present) as a way to learn about the history of Britain and, especially, London, as well global sport and the wider story of modern international relations. Through this program, participants will explore the paradox of an event that was created to celebrate human commonality but one that requires athletes to compete as representatives of different nations.  Students will discuss how a celebratory gathering intended to enrich competitors and spectators often leaves host cities and nations in staggering debt.  Our focus will be on the 1908, 1948, and 2012 Olympic Games—all of which took place in London.

We will also explore some of the ideologies and sites of modern British sports culture—for example, we will tour the Wimbledon tennis complex and Lord’s Cricket Grounds (both were sites that hosted Olympic events in 2012, as well).  As this seminar will take place during the fortnight of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games, we are planning to travel to Paris for a couple of days in order to immerse ourselves in the Olympic “experience” and, hopefully, attend Olympic events.