The program provides an opportunity to earn three hours of graded credit.

ENEC 490H | Europe and Sustainability: Past, Present, and Future (3 Credits)

Professor: Adam Lovelady
Major/Minor Credit: Environment, Ecology, and Energy

This course will examine sustainable transportation, urban planning, and renewable energy in European cities. With Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Freiburg as models, students will have first-hand experiences of the sustainable development transition in leading European communities. Students will bike through world-class bicycle infrastructures, tour net zero urban developments, and see solar, wind, and district energy systems up-close. Discussions and class assignments will explore urban planning themes, investigate energy policy, and highlight the American and European legal and policy frameworks.

Readings and discussions will blend with site visits and experiences. Time during the day will be spent in discussion, meeting with experts and visiting academic institutions, companies and with urban planners and policymakers.