The program provides an opportunity to earn three hours of graded credit.

HNRS/ENEC 490 | The Rise of Clean Technology in China and South Korea and Clean Technology as a Lens to Study Innovation Ecosystems (3 credits)

Dr. Gregory Gangi, Institute for the Environment and the Curriculum in Environment and Ecology

This class will explore clean technology innovation but will mostly focus on energy from two perspectives. The first will be a focus on the global energy transition and the role that China and South Korea are playing in this transition. The current global energy transition is one of the most significant events taking place in our world. The second perspective will be to use clean technology and renewable energy as a lens to gain insights into the nature of innovation in these two countries and to gain a broader appreciation of the strengths and weaknesses of their economic models

The class will use energy and clean technology as a lens with which to understand how the Chinese and South Korean innovation ecosystem works and explore other strengths in their economy, like education and the strength of their public collaborations. Students will also use China and South Korea as models by which to study efficacy of industrial policy, and look at some of the tools that countries use to advance their industrial policies.

There are no pre-requisite courses for this program, but ENST 201 is strongly recommended.