The program provides an opportunity to earn six hours of graded credit.

HNRS 356 | Rome as Artistic Capital (3 credits)

Dr. Lucia Binotti, Department of Romance Studies
Approach: Visual and Performing Arts (VP)

This art history course will take place entirely outside of the classroom, in the streets and museums of Rome. It will begin with a rapid overview of Rome’s richly layered structure as an ancient imperial capital and Christian universal spiritual/administrative center. It will then shift its focus to select monumental complexes (the Vatican Palace and St. Peter’s; the Spanish national church of S. Pietro in Montorio, with Bramante’s Tempietto; the Campidoglio and Musei Capitolini; the Piazza and Palazzo Farnese; the Gesu; the Palazzo Doria; the Villa Borghese), together with their richly diverse collections of paintings and sculptures. We will study, in-depth, the contributions of such Italian artists as Michelangelo, Raphael, Bramante, Caravaggio, and Bernini.

HNRS 355 | The Cultural History of Renaissance Rome (3 credits)

Dr. Lucia Binotti, Department of Romance Studies
Approach: Literary Arts (LA)

This course uses the entire city as an interpretative canvas aiming at full immersion in the times and the habits of early modern Rome. Our Cultural Studies approach allows us to analyze and understand the series of social, political and cultural responses to the intellectual trends that for almost three hundred years were at the heart of the encompassing historical phenomenon commonly known as The Renaissance. Combining the study of selected primary and secondary sources with daily itineraries curated through an innovative digital tool, we delve into several central aspects of Renaissance lifestyle, from music to medicine, from leisure to morality, from politics to crime.

All courses are taught in English. There is no option to take Italian language.