The Honors Seminar on Public Policy and Global Affairs includes an internship and two weekly seminars.
This seminar offers Carolina undergraduates a unique ‘study abroad’ learning, living, and internship opportunity in our nation’s capital. The seminar offers students first-hand engagement with the actors and organizations that influence domestic and international affairs in Washington, D.C. It aims to expose students to a range of public policies that influence U.S. economic prosperity, national security, and its role in the broader global community. Internship placements provide opportunities for students to apply academic learning, to derive new insights and questions for seminar discussion, and to work directly with substantive policy experts.


PLCY 352H | Seminar on Public Policy and Global Affairs (3 Credits)

Approach: Social & Behavioral Science

This weekly morning seminar focuses on a study of domestic and global affairs within the U.S. policy-making process.

HNRS 352.02S | The Role of Experts and Advocates in Solving Public Policy and Global Challenges (3 Credits)

Approach: Social & Behavioral Science

This weekly afternoon seminar focuses on the roles of experts and advocates in addressing and solving major domestic and global policy problems.

HNRS 393 | Internship in Public Policy and Global Affairs (6 Credits)

Students work four days a week at a domestic or international affairs agency and organization and are awarded six graded credit hours upon the successful completion of a program of work directed by a senior mentor at the host agency or organization.

Policy Research Workshop (2 Credits)

This weekly research-intensive workshop will bring students together in the discussion and development of their research papers highlighting and refining the assignments for their PLCY 325H course.